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Tito Ortiz

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Tito Ortiz is an American mixed martial artist born in Huntington Beach, California, in 1975

24 Oct, 2016

Compares McGregor to Austin, Ortiz

Makes Statement

Cormier talks about McGregor, and compares him to Austin and Ortiz.

He is ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin from 2000. The guy that you’re supposed to kinda root against, but you want to root for. Everything that he does before would have gotten people to boo you. But it’s like they’ve taken to it. It’s something so different that what they’re used to seeing the people love it. I think it’s fine…Like I used to tell people when they used to ask about Tito Ortiz. I’m like you’re gonna pay to see the man fight because you want to see him either win, or you want to see him lose. He talks it and he backs it up. And Conor does the same thing. He’s working magic for the UFC.

26 Sep, 2016

Ortiz: McGregor should be ‘jumping through hoops’ for UFC

Makes Statement

Ortiz says that McGregor should be showing more appreciation for UFC.

Here’s the difference between me and McGregor. I did every press junket, every press thing, I travelled the country for the UFC, I never said no. My biggest thing was the payment amount of money that I was getting paid per fight. When you’re making 200 grand per fight, that’s pennies. When Conor is making five million a fight to ten million a fight, he should be jumping through hoops for these guys…The money he’s making is just phenomenal, and I’m proud of the kid. I applaud him for doing that, but he’s got to put in the work. This truly is not just about the fight in general, it’s about building the fights, it’s about going out and doing the promotion for the company and not saying no to things. So that’s something that I always did…He’s one of the highest paid MMA fighters in the world today and that’s because he talks great, but he has to do the work behind those skills. I mean, that’s what really matters. You don’t want to be a flash in the pan.

15 Sep, 2014

Submission Radio interview


Ortiz talks to Submission Radio about his short time in TNA and meeting Hulk Hogan.

During the time I was there I got a chance to meet Hulk Hogan. I was really happy with that, but I mean right now my main career is fighting. I mean I love to fight and that’s what I wanna do. That’s with Bellator.

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