Tom Cruise


18 Apr, 1986

In this fable directed by Ridley Scott, Cruise plays Jack, a forest dweller in a fairytale world. Jack lives without care, in love with his darling Lili, played by Mia Sara.  One day he shows Lili a pair of unicorns, and before he can warn her, she touches the stallion, setting off a chain of events that will plunge the world into a magic-induced darkness. As Jack tries to set things right, she is captured by the Lord of Darkness, played by Tim Curry. With Lili’s help, Jack is eventually able to complete his quest and set things back as they should be.

Legend was an interesting thing. I don’t know how Harrison Ford has done so many of those types of films. I mean, I did All The Right Moves, and I thought, “Okay, I’ve done the two extremes of high school life. I’ve done it.” In Legend, I’m this magical character, Jack O’ The Green. The sets were huge. Sometimes we would be working on a scene that might last 30 seconds in the film, but it took a week to shoot it. It’s stunning and gorgeous and poetic and most of the time I would be looking at a piece of black tape and having to imagine all of it. It was exciting, but it made me hungry to do a piece like Top Gun.

Legend (7/11) Movie CLIP - Darkness Seduces Lili (1985) HD

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