Tom Cruise

The Last Samurai

5 Dec, 2003

Cruise plays disillusioned and alcoholic Civil War veteran, Captain Nathan Algren, who accepts an assignment to go to Japan and train the Imperial army.  The army is called into battle before they are ready and Algren is captured by samurai who take him back to their village as a prisoner.  Once there he is allowed to roam freely and, over time, begins to integrate into their society and learn the way of the samurai.  After learning of a coming attack, Algren takes up arms to help his captures and fight off the Imperial army in a valiant battle. Also starring Ken Watanabe. Directed by Ed Zwick.

For me as a man, philosophically, when you talk about honor and integrity, that’s the way I want to live my life. It moved me. And also I’m just fascinated with their culture and this gave me the opportunity to explore it and to honor the things that I love most about their culture. And to work with Ed Zwick; it’s a very ambitious film. How can you say no to that?

The Last Samurai Official Trailer #1 – (2003) HD

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