Tom Waits

Bad as Me

21 Oct, 2011

urlWaits releases his first collection of new music in seven years. Bad as Me is his first studio album since his record Real Gone in 2004. The album features David Hildalgo, Marc Ribot, Keith Richards and Flea. His wife Kathleen Brennan also collaborated on the record with him who he credits with the album’s structure.

My wife Kathleen wanted to do 12 three-minute songs. Get in, get out. No f-cking around. Because people don’t have a lot of time. The way I think is more like, “Oh, you got time for 19 songs on there? Put 19 songs on there, baby.” She says,” No, no, no. Twelve.” Like the eggs, 12. You can do a lot in two minutes. So I’m starting to get more economical as I go. Don’t overstate, don’t restate.

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