RussiaRussia / Ukraine ConflictTony Abbott

Condemns Russian ‘invasion’

29 Aug, 2014

Abbott says an apparent movement of Russian troops into Ukraine represents an ‘invasion’ and is unacceptable:

Clearly if, as seems to have been the case, Russian armed forces have simply moved across the border that is an invasion and it is utterly reprehensible. It is an absolutely clear cut case of a larger country bullying a smaller country and should have no place in our world.

The act presents a risk to global security:

You cannot have an international order if might is right. You cannot have a safe and secure world if powerful countries are able to take what they want and plainly what we’ve seen in the Ukraine over the last six moths or so is an increasingly aggressive role by Russia and it seems that Russia is now stepping out of the shadows and overtly trying to achieve its objects of domination in the Ukraine. It is completely, absolutely and utterly unacceptable.

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