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29 Apr, 2013

People cover


yearwoodYearwood appears on the cover of People after losing 30 pounds. Yearwood said she did everything from eat almonds to attend Zumba classes.

Before, I would have a bowl, and then I would have another. That was probably four cups in one sitting. This time it was a half cup, and I didn’t go back. I enjoyed everything we had that day, but I had a smaller portion and I was satisfied.

10 Dec, 2005

Brooks, Yearwood marry

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polls_garth_trisha_wedding5_3431_842154_answer_5_xlargeBrooks and Yearwood marry at their home in Oklahoma, marking the second marriage for Brooks and the third for Yearwood.

Yeah, she’s the bomb man. She does it all.


Brooks, Yearwood date

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Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, country singer, start dating.

This was somebody I always enjoyed being around, and we had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did. And so we started seeing each other after the divorce and we came off tour… And I’ve got to tell you if you like her and don’t know her you’ll love her. If you love her and don’t know her you’ll worship her. She’s the real deal.

25 Feb, 1998

Wins Grammy

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indexBrooks and Yearwood wins the Grammy for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals for In Another’s Eyes.