Troy CarterInterview

The Economist: Lady Gaga and social media

27 Sep, 2012

The Economist talks with Carter about how new technology and social media was used to garner legions of fans for Lady Gaga.

It came out of basic necessity… We saw new technology as alternative to reach audiences, opposed to radio… Now, we would much rather build the fan base online and let it grow organically, and let people feel they discovered it before it goes wide to the mainstream…What’s important to me is that there are no intermediaries in that relationship… People think of Twitter as being able to have a direct relationship with their fans… but, it’s really not… because if Twitter goes out of business, or switches off the machine, that’s not your data, not your relationship. So, for us, it’s about really allowing Gaga, or any other artist, to really own that relationship with them and the fans.

Troy Carter discusses Lady Gaga and social media

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