Tyler Perry

Why Did I Get Married

12 Oct, 2007

Perry plays Terry, a husband who tries to save his marriage on the movie Why Did I Get Married. This movie tells the story of eight married friends who come together for their yearly vacation only to spend their time working on their marriage and friendships. But  after a secret is revealed about one couple’s relationship it almost drives all the couples apart. Co-stars Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, and Tasha Smith.

I try to grow on every film, but I’m walking now. I was crawling on everything else. The way this story was told I think was very unique. Using the camera the way I did was very different for me. There’s some people who really get into camera movement and all this other stuff, but for me, I really stretched it. And having an amazing cast really made the movie come alive because everybody brought their own personality to it.

ReelTime Presents: Why Did I Get Married Trailer

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