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1 Feb, 2017

Army seeks ‘biodegradable’ ammunition

Makes Statement

The US Army seeks proposals for biodegradable ammunition to replace the existing rounds used in training — including grenade and tank rounds – citing environmental concerns. The DoD stipulates that the new ammunition should contain seeds that produce food for animals. Brief:

Components of current training rounds require hundreds of years or more to biodegrade. Some of these rounds might have the potential to corrode and pollute the soil and nearby water. Some of these rounds might have the potential to corrode and pollute the soil and nearby water….This effort will make use of seeds to grow environmentally friendly plants that remove soil contaminants and consume the biodegradable components developed under this project. Animals should be able to consume the plants without any ill effects.

23 Aug, 2016

US soldier killed in Afghanistan


Matthew V. Thompson headshotStaff Sgt. Matthew V. Thompson, 28, of Irvine, California, is killed during an anti-Taliban operation near Lashkar Gah, the capital of the southern Afghan province of Helmand. The Army Green Beret was on a foot patrol with other American troops advising Afghan special operations forces where the Taliban have engaged in heavy combat. Thompson is killed by a bomb blast that leaves another American service member and six Afghan soldiers injured.


17 Sep, 2015

Megan Park dies


Park dies while undergoing initial training at Pirbright army camp. She collapsed while taking part in physical exercise believed to have been a mile-long run or march. The run was against the clock and not what is referred to as “a beasting” which is an informal punishment exercise. The Army has said the incident is being investigated and it has no further comment at this time:

We offer our condolences to the family and ask that you respect their privacy while they come to terms with their sudden loss. She would have been on phase one training.

Family statement:

It is with deepest regret that we must announce that Megan has sadly passed on, doing the thing she loved. Ever since Megan was at school, she always wanted to be in the armed forces. Everybody who knew Megan was aware of this.

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