UkraineViktor Yushchenko

Denies involvement in poisoning

19 Sep, 2004

The deputy leader of the SBU security forces denies any involvement in the apparent poisoning by dioxin of Yushchenko, which the opposition leader pinpoints as taking place at a dinner at the dacha of SBU chief Ihor Smeshko. Volodymyr Satsyuk:

All food products were on the table on common plates. The food was served by the two people and cooked by another one in the kitchen.

Satsyuk says that he was present at the dinner along with Yushchenko, Smeshko and David Zhvanya, a lawmaker and Yushchenko ally. He says that he is prepared to meet Yushchenko in public to discuss the allegations.

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UkraineViktor Yushchenko

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