Val Kilmer

Real Genius

7 Aug, 1985

Kilmer plays Chris Knight in this comedy directed by Martha Coolidge. Knight is a super-genius at a technology school who takes nothing seriously and drives his professor crazy while developing a laser that the professor intends to sell. When the students learn of the professor’s plan, Knight organizes the mother of all pranks and all the students help him pull it off.  Also starring Gabriel Jarett, Michelle Meyrink, and William Atherton. Gabriel:

Val was very focused on Val. We got along fine, but I always got the feeling that he didn’t want to share the screen with a 15-year-old punk. In my opinion, Val is a brilliant actor and should be a much bigger star than he is today.

Real Genius (2/8) Movie CLIP - File Under "H" for "Toy" (1985) HD

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