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5 Jun, 2014

Husband bombs train


July_7,_2005_London_bombings_CCTVAt Luton, husband Germaine Lindsay (second from left in picture), who used to live in Yorkshire, meets fellow bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer and Hasib Hussain, who have driven from Yorkshire in a rental car.   The four men board a train to King’s Cross, where they fan out, each wearing a backpack filled with explosives.  Lindsay gets on a Picadilly train headed to Russell Square and detonates his bomb at 8:50, killing 26 people besides himself and injuring more than 340.

Lewthwaite later tells media that he had left for the bombings from home:

He kissed our child goodbye and then crept off to blow up King’s Cross.  In the morning I found he’d left the keys on a table downstairs. He obviously had no more use for them.

However, his mother claims that Lewthwaite threw him out two days before the bombings after discovering he had sent text messages to a girl.  At the inquest, an Aylesbury woman says Lindsay tried to date her.  He read her al-Qaeda poems and asked her to get a gun for him, which she refused to do.  The woman says:

He did not mention any type of gun. I told him no and asked him why he would need a gun. He told me that he was going to London with some of his mates to teach some people a lesson. He said it was to do with drugs.

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