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Warrant details revealed

4 Jun, 2014

Kenyan authorities reveal that they have charged Lewthwaite with possession of acetone, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium nitrate, sulfur, lead nitrate, batteries, a switch and electrical wire, as well as charging her with conspiracy to cause an explosion.   They claim that she, Jermaine Grant and another radicalized Briton named Habib Saleh Ghani planned Christmas 2011 attacks on luxury tourist hotels along Kenya’s coast.  As part of a terrorist cell, the three allegedly rented several houses in Mombasa, including at least two close to resorts.  Raids on the houses in late December and January found bomb-making equipment as well as an assault rifle, ammunition and plastic bags stuffed with cash.  Kenya’s assistant director of public prosecutions says:

Samantha Lewthwaite was charged in absentia and a warrant of arrest issued against her.  She is still at large.

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