Will ForteInterview

Elle Magazine interview

2 Mar, 2010

Forte gives interview to Elle about the biggest mistake he has ever made on a date.

Just after college I was really low on self-confidence. I’d gone on two dates with this friend-of-a-friend that had gone really well, but we still hadn’t kissed because I was thinking, Oh, maybe she doesn’t think of me like that. At the end of our third date, I walked her to the door of her apartment, and at the obvious time to kiss her I froze. As a joke I said, Why don’t you walk me downstairs? So she walked me outside, and there was another appropriate moment, but again I froze, and said, Okay, now I’ll walk you back upstairs. And I walked her back up to her door. And then: Okay, maybe I’ll walk you downstairs again. And she said, Ah, no, I think I’ll stay here. And she went inside. And her apartment door shut.

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