Will Poulter

School Of Comedy series two


Poulter appears in the second series broadcast on Channel 4. Sketches include the return of South African security guards The Saffas, and the characters Museum Perv and The Cabbie. New characters include The Filth, self-referential coppers from the 1970s, and Leonard Lizard, a repressed homosexual city trader from the 1980s.

What was nice about School of Comedy was that we started out as a completely unprofessional unit, so our mums were doing the costumes and our dads were driving us to rehearsals, so it was a real family environment. So it’s nice for them that they were part of it all right from the beginning. Now they can take a back seat and just watch the end product. They’ve always been a huge part of it, and supported me all the way. I know how lucky I am to have that constant support.

School of comedy, Season 2, Ep.1 - Leonard Lizard

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