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Woody HarrelsonInterview

GQ interview

Feb 2012

Harrelson discusses his faith, new films Rampart and Hunger Games, meditation, Clint Eastwood and mothers in a wide-ranging interview with GQ magazine.

I was very religious growing up. My mom still is. We went to church all the time, went to Bible study; we even did Bible study at my house. I went to a Presbyterian college, you know, I was in….all the way, and so I remember doing my first sermon when I was 17, I was in high school. It wasn’t a full twenty-five minute sermon but for like ten minutes I got up and they let me do that and it was on faith.

Biggest regret:

I was doing a play in L.A. with John Cassavetes. I had a full realization of how amazing this guy was, although I didn’t understand in terms of his larger body of work and his influence on independent movies and so forth. But I didn’t understand all of that at the time. I was twenty-five or something. I was one of three guys who was being considered for a part for a movie in Rome, and so I left the play and flew over there. I didn’t get the part. I could have come back and he would have let me back in the play. I didn’t. I regret leaving it. One of the worst decisions of my life…Not just on a professional level because I don’t know how much of a difference it would have made, but on a more personal level. I should have stuck by that guy. He took a chance on me. That was a real lack of integrity on my part.

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