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Dec 2013

Origin interview

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Harrelson is interviewed by Origin magazine, where he discusses his new paper company Prairie Pulp and Paper, upcoming films and give his wife’s recipe for Painted Fruit.

As a forest lover, it’s very exciting for me. After climbing the Golden Gate Bridge and protesting the destruction of the ancient redwoods in Northern California, I came to realize that protesting does no good. If you stop them here, they cut over there. Since half of all trees cut go to making paper, the only meaningful way to address destruction of our forest is to change the way paper is made. We now have a company called Prairie Pulp and Paper. We are making a brand of paper called Step Forward, which is eighty percent non-wood, is made from wheat, and costs the same as recycled paper. We’re planning to have a mill within three years, at which time we will be able to make tree-free paper that will cost less than heavily-subsidized tree-based paper. Exciting times!

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