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Journey of a Frontman interview

27 Nov, 2013

Edge talks to Journey of a Frontman about beingbackstage at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and this theme music.

 When I was out with my neck injury, I met Mark Tremonti. I met him at a Metallica show, actually. And I went back to his place after and he played me what would end up being the first Alter Bridge album. I heard Metalingus and I was like, “Dude, can I use that when I come back?” And he said, “Yeah! Of course!” So that ended up being the genesis of it and when I heard it, it was actually Mark singing. It hadn’t been Myles yet. So it was in its infancy, but I had heard that song. I was like, “Okay, that’s gonna be what I come to the ring to.” And that’s how that all started.”

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