Greg ValentineWWEInterview

Pro Wrestling Radio interview

26 Mar, 2005

Valentine talks about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

I definitely was flattered by it I did not expect it because I hardly have talked to the WWE at all since I left. I did not leave on bad terms or anything I just was out of a job (laughs). So I went other places and I managed to stay, you know I have never done, honestly, anything else in my life to subsidize, or add some income in, in my career, my thirty-five year career in wrestling. I have never done anything but wrestle. I never drove a cab on the side, I never shined shoes, I never sold cars (laughs), keeping afloat. I am not the wealthiest of all of the wrestlers, obviously Hulk has got lots and lots of money, and Flair does. I was fortunate to make a lot of money but I never got rich from it. I’m still involved in the wrestling business because I want to be, and not really because I have to be.

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