Dolph ZigglerWWEInterview interview

17 Sep, 2014

Ziggler talks to about pranking The Big Show as part of the site’s Greatest Pranks series.

Long time ago, in The Spirit Squad, we had a rivalry going with Big Show & Kane. We used a Subway sandwich, a six-inch cold-cut combo, left it in the middle of the ring and used a microphone cord to make a giant loop, almost how you would catch something in a cartoon. Like, you have to catch it in a rope. So we made a giant loop, put the sandwich in the middle trying to catch him, and thought it would be funny if maybe we caught (Big Show), and we’d all go pull the rope and we’d fall down like a ‘Three Stooges” bit. Long story short: He grabbed the sandwich, fell for the trick and we caught him.

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