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Wish I Was Here

18 Jul, 2014

Braff directs and plays Bloom in a comedy drama as a struggling actor, father and husband who tries to find his identity and purpose in his life when he homeschools his kids. Co-starring Kate Hudson, Joey King, Ashley Green and Josh Gad.

It definitely taught me I want to have kids. I can’t wait to have children one day. I’m a really good uncle and I love my nieces and nephews, and I really love this young actress, Joey King, who played my daughter. She’s just so special. And, you know, just that relationship of when your child is, you know, old enough to just teach you so much, and just the idea of a young child bringing you back to possibility and hope through their young wide eyes is something that’s very intoxicating to me.

WISH I WAS HERE - Official Teaser Trailer - In Theaters July 2014

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