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Illegal lion kill accusation

2 Aug, 2015

Zimbabwe accuses Seski of illegally killing a lion. The wildlife authority says Seski killed the animal — without approval — with a bow and arrow on land where it was not allowed. A Zimbabwean landowner, who conducted the hunt, was arrested and is assisting police with their investigation. Although Seski added his name to a government database when he arrived in Zimbabwe, he was not granted permission to hunt lion. The wildlife authority:

When hunters come into the country they fill a document stating their personal details, the amount they have paid for the hunt, the number of animals to be hunted, the species to be hunted and the area and period where that hunt is supposed to take place. The American conducted his hunt in an area where lion hunting is outlawed. The landowner who helped him with the hunt also did not have a quota for lion hunting.

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