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Bruce Willis

Lay the Favorite

21 Jan, 2012

In this comedy drama based on a memoir of the same name by Beth Raymer, Willis plays a professional bookie called Dink Heimowitz. After hiring former Las Vegas cocktail waitress Beth – played by Rebecca Hall – as his assistant, he discovers that his new employee is a natural gambler. When Dink’s enthusiasm over Beth shakes up his marriage, Beth is fired. Directed by Stephen Frears.

I wanted to work with Stephen Frears. I like movies. I like acting. I like trying to do stuff that I’m afraid of. Yes, I still like trying stuff. I love this film. Acting is a peculiar thing. Have you ever seen these films where I shoot guns all the time? Well there’s no shooting of guns in this film. We were kind to everyone, even the hamster.

'Lay the Favorite' Trailer HD