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Bruce Willis

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22 Aug, 2014

The Prince

Film Appearance

In this action thriller Willis plays a former assassin and crime boss, Omar. Omar kidnaps the daughter of his old rival Paul, played by Jason Patric – who in the past had killed Omar’s own wife and daughter. Director Brian A. Miller says about working with the cast:

It was like a dream come true…just working with awesome talent.

21 Aug, 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Film Appearance

In this sequel to the 2005’s Sin City, directed Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, Willis reprises his role as retired cop Hartigan – but in this version plays the cop’s ghost, who watches over Nancy Halligan (played by Jessica Alba) as she struggles to come to terms with Hartigan’s suicide four years earlier. Halligan takes revenge on Senator Roarke (played by Powers Booth), whom she holds responsible for Hartigan’s death. Also starring Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It’s like stepping back into a family, and everybody is still enthusiastic about the film, and are highly confident about what they do.

19 Jul, 2013

Red 2

Film Appearance

In this comedy action thriller sequel to Red, directed by Dean Parisot, Willis reprises his role as retired CIA agent Frank Moses, who is part of a CIA team searching worldwide for a missing nuclear device. Co-starring John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins, Mary-Louise Parker, and Helen Mirren.

High stakes. For all the fun we had, actors always have a little bit of – God, I hope we’re doing the right thing…I hope we live up to the promise. All actors think that.

31 May, 2013

Move into same building as Moore

Willis and Hemming move into the same building as Moore in New York City. Willis:

I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail.

26 Apr, 2013

Red 2 Interview


Willis, Hopkins and Mirren are interviewed by Jake Hamilton. They talk about who would Willis think would play the best role of being a hitman. Willis:

Well she (Helen Mirren) takes it very seriously, she knows you have to do what your boss tells you.

28 Mar, 2013

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Film Appearance

In this action, science fiction sequel to The Rise of Cobra, Willis plays General Joe Colton who leads a group of Joes in their efforts to strike back at Cobra terrorists who have attacked US forces. Channing Tatum and Ray Park return for second roles as Duke and Snake Eyes. Director Jon M. Chu:

He was always our dream guy to play Joe Colton…but when you’re courting Bruce it’s not like, “He’s going to do it – yay!” It’s months and months of winning his trust, him learning about who I am and learning what the brand is about. And I never really thought it would fully happen until he showed up on set, but he came through and he was awesome. I mean, he exudes the tone of the movie because he’s so cool and he’s so that guy but at the same time doesn’t take himself too seriously. He just gives you that little wink…

14 Feb, 2013

A Good Way to Die Hard

Film Appearance

In this action film, the fifth in the Die Hard series, directed by John Moore, Willis plays John McClane, who travels to Russia to search for his son Jack, played by Jai Courtney. John discovers that Jack is working with the CIA, and the father and son team work together to stop a nuclear weapon heist.

It kind of recreates the experience of all the films, in some ways. My character still can’t get out of his own way, and still makes mistakes, and still thinks that he’s right, when most of the time he’s not right…

6 Nov, 2012

Fire with Fire

Film Appearance

In this action movie Willis plays police detective Mike Cella whose partner was murdered by an Aryan Brotherhood leader named Hagan, played by Vincent D’Onofrio. When Hagan murders a store clerk and his son, firefighter Jeremy Coleman (played by Josh Duhamel) is the witness who identifies Hagan in a lineup. Coleman is then threatened with death by Hagan, and his girlfriend is hurt. Cella is determined to exact justice, and turns a blind eye as Coleman seeks revenge. Director David Barret:

My dad was Burt Reynolds and Paul Newman’s stunt double, so Paul was my Godfather, so some of these race car races we would end up seeing Bruce, so I had met him before. Of course he didn’t remember, but when he signed on, I mean, are you kidding me? I knew I had the movie. I was ecstatic. He’s not in the movie a ton, but he does drive the story forward.

7 Sep, 2012

The Cold Light of Day

Film Appearance

In this action adventure film, Willis plays Martin, an undercover CIA agent. Henry Cavil plays Martin’s son Will, whose family is kidnapped by intelligence agents during a sailing trip in Spain. Martin reveals to Will that the agents are after a briefcase he took, and when Martin is killed, it is up to Will to find the briefcase, deliver it, and save his family. Shot in Span by French director Mabrouk El Mechri.

Action films…it’s something that is a challenge every time. To make it lifelike. That’s the job…I find that I can make my kids laugh and make my wife laugh much easier than I can ever get them to think…just imagine me jumping off a building. The real test is to make it seem believable.

6 Sep, 2012


Film Appearance

In this science fiction action movie, Willis plays a contract killer named Joe. Joe belongs to a group which disposes of problematic citizens by sending them back in time to be killed by a group of people called “loopers”. Joe suddenly finds himself sent back 30 years to the year 2044, where he encounters his younger self – played by co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Old Joe tries to convince young Joe to let him live. Written and Directed by Rian Johnson.

I’m really pleased how well Looper turned out. And I’m really pleased for everyone involved. The actors — and especially for Rian. He knew what he wanted, got the cast he wanted, told the story he wanted and never had to compromise.

17 Aug, 2012

The Expendables 2

Film Appearance

In this sequel to the 2010 action film The Expendables, Willis returns for another appearance as Church, an undercover CIA agent. Church recruits the group of mercenaries known as “The Expendables” to complete a mission. But when one of their members is murdered, they seek revenge and experience the added difficulties that come with operating on enemy turf. Director Simon West:

It was pretty amazing when I had all the big guys together. We looked down the call sheet of the names, and never before have they been all assembled in the same film – let alone in the same scene. I would pinch myself halfway through the day as I was directing Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van-Damme all in the same scene, all fighting, shooting, whatever they were doing. It was an action guys dream come true, really.

23 May, 2012

Esquire interview


Murray talks about working with Willis in the movie Moonrise Kingdom:

I got along great with Bruce Willis. He’s different, though. He’s rolled as a movie star for a long time, so it’s a little different for him coming into Wes Anderson’s world, where no one gets movie-star treatment. Life really does change when you go on one of Wes’s films — you gotta sit back and relax. But Bruce absolutely delivered. He was really game. It was like, Let’s play. Sometimes you get people that don’t want to play — they just want to perform, to act. He’s a movie star, I’ve been a movie star — we don’t have to take this so seriously.

16 May, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Film Appearance

In this offbeat comedy, Willis plays Captain Sharp, the sheriff of a New England island town where the story takes place in 1965. Two twelve-year olds make a pact to run away together and live together for a week in a secret cove they name Moonrise Kingdom. Sheriff Sharp, the girl’s parents, a scout troupe, and a social services rep all hunt for the missing couple. Directed by Wes Anderson.

It seems like a simple story about kids falling in love, but there’s also a more complex story about what’s going on ith the adults…it really addresses big issues, big family stuff. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be taken as seriously as you can read into it, but I took it very seriously.

21 Jan, 2012

Lay the Favorite

Film Appearance

In this comedy drama based on a memoir of the same name by Beth Raymer, Willis plays a professional bookie called Dink Heimowitz. After hiring former Las Vegas cocktail waitress Beth – played by Rebecca Hall – as his assistant, he discovers that his new employee is a natural gambler. When Dink’s enthusiasm over Beth shakes up his marriage, Beth is fired. Directed by Stephen Frears.

I wanted to work with Stephen Frears. I like movies. I like acting. I like trying to do stuff that I’m afraid of. Yes, I still like trying stuff. I love this film. Acting is a peculiar thing. Have you ever seen these films where I shoot guns all the time? Well there’s no shooting of guns in this film. We were kind to everyone, even the hamster.

9 Dec, 2011

Catch .44

Film Appearance

In this indie crime drama, Willis plays crime lord Mel, who sends a team of three strippers to make one of his deals. The girls spend much of the movie driving around town and shooting. They encounter a murderer on the way, played by Forest Whitaker. First time director Aaron Harvey says:

Catch .44 was set up and financed completely outside of the studio system. Even though there were some big actors and a great crew that came from the studio world, the film itself was actually a relatively small independent film that was privately financed by several investors that the producers had brought to the table.

20 Sep, 2011

Set Up

Film Appearance

In this crime action film, Willis plays a mob boss named Jack Biggs. When one friend betrays two others in the middle of a diamond heist, Biggs helps the surviving partner Sonny – played by the film’s producer 50 Cent – seek revenge on the traitor. This is the first movie for Willis, and the third for 50 Cent, to go straight from production to DVD without showing in theaters. Director Mike Gunther on Willis:

He is a rock star. He shows up, he just does his thing. Really, to be honest, there ain’t much directing I’m doing. He’s like ‘Kid, don’t worry. I got it handled.’ He is a great guy. I mean a class act, and the opportunity to work with him was, I mean, beyond awesome. …I just said ‘Action’ and ‘Cut.’  So it was entertaining for me just to watch the monitor and watch him…just do his thing and you’re like ‘Holy s###, you’re good,” so it was kinda a dream come true.

15 Oct, 2010


Film Appearance

In this action comedy, based on comic books created by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, Willis plays Frank Moses, a retired CIA hit man. Moses hooks up with a Sarah, a customer service rep played by Mary-Louise Parker, and they spend the rest of the movie on the run from a pack of killers, seeking help from three of Moses’ former colleagues.

It’s a dangerous thing. Because when you’re having fun on the set, it doesn’t always translate into the fun it’s supposed to be…Robert Schwanker did a great job. He really wove it all together.

13 Aug, 2010

The Expendables

Film Appearance

In the action film, Willis makes a cameo appearance as Mr. Church, CIA leader of an expendable – i.e. older – group of mercenaries sent on a mission to assassinate an evil dictator who has made problems for the US for over twenty years.  Co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, who also direct the film. On making a sequel:

I talked to Sly and he’s going for all the marbles this time, and he’s going to get everybody in this time. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin who took two bullets in the last film, he’s coming back, too. Hopefully, they’ll start shooting it while we’re young enough to survive.

1 Jul, 2010

Die Hard 2 Interview


Willis is interviewed by Arthur Fennell. They talk about his role as John McClane in Die Hard 2, how there is an audience for non-CGI films and how he hasn’t gotten any residuals for a while on The Twelve Monkeys.

It’s not The best one. It’s as good as the first one in terms of the strength and the characters of the story.

26 Feb, 2010

Cop Out

Film Appearance

In this action comedy, Willis plays policeman Jimmy Monroe. Due to a chain of on the job mishaps, Willis gets suspended from active duty together with his equally useless partner Paul Hodges, played by Tracy Morgan. Monroe and Hodges then redeem themselves by foiling a drug bust. Director Kevin Smith on working with Willis:

He turned out to be the unhappiest, most bitter and meanest emo-bitch I ever met at any job I’ve held. And mind you, I worked at Domino’s.

15 Sep, 2009


Film Appearance

In this science fiction drama, Willis plays CIA Agent Tom Greer who investigates the first murder in years in his futuristic, utopian community. All the residents live life via remote controlled robot “surrogate” selves, and Willis has to work as his real self after his surrogate is destroyed along with a string of others. Directed by Jonathan Mostow. On doing his own stunts for the film:

One of my favorite shots in the film is where I get impacted by a car – very startling.

25 Mar, 2009

Willis, Hemming marry

bruce wedding

Willis marries Hemming on Parrot Cay, in the Caribbean. Willis’ ex-wife Moore and her new husband Ashton Kutcher are guests, along with Willis’ daughters, Rumer, 20, Scout, 17, and Tallulah, 15. Willis comments before meeting Hemming:

I just haven’t met anybody yet that I want to have kids with. But that’s the good thing about being a guy – it doesn’t matter how old you are.

19 Jan, 2008

What Just Happened

Film Appearance

In this comedy drama directed by Barry Levinson, Willis plays himself as an actor named Bob who refuses to shave his beard for a movie. Bob’s stubbornness is just one of several personal and professional difficulties producer Ben, played by Robert De Niro, is forced to contend with during the course of the film. Producer Art Linson, whose Hollywood memoir formed the basis for the story line, says about working with Willis:

If you have good actors they bring something to it. And Bruce really did. He took himself seriously. He didn’t just send himself up. He did it with the rage of a guy obsessed with integrity. When he doesn’t want to shave his beard, it just makes me laugh out loud.

17 Jan, 2008

Assassination of a High School President

Film Appearance

In this adult comedy Willis plays Principal Kirkpatrick, who is involved in a SAT scandal. His corrupt behavior is discovered by the school paper reporter, Bobby Funk – played by Reece Daniel Thompson. Bobby, who initially blames a fellow student for misconduct, must decide whether to expose the principal, or keep quiet and enjoy newfound social status at school. Novice full length feature director Brett Simon:

While filming Assassination there were times when the chatter of my thoughts and the cacophony of the set drowned out my instincts’ pleas. When this happened, the result was always the same: The movie and I would suffer. But when I listened, out came the gifts.

27 Jun, 2007

Live Free Die Hard

Film Appearance

In the fourth action adventure movie in the Die Hard series, Willis plays John McClane, a detective assigned to investigate a cyberattack on US government infrastructure. McClane engages the help of a young hacker, played by Matt Farrell, to stop the nationwide destruction before it’s too late. On working with director Len Wiseman:

We both had similar ideas about and similar goals as to the kind of Die Hard we wanted to make. It’s really easy to sit here and talk about the film now because it really did turn out great. …The film rocks. It’s actually one of my favorite Die Hards.

15 Jun, 2007

Nancy Drew

Film Appearance

In this drama loosely based on the Nancy Drew series of detective novels, Willis plays himself in a minor part as a Hollywood actor. Nancy, played by Emma Roberts, searches Hollywood for clues surrounding the murder of an actress and her missing will. Directed by Andrew Fleming. Roberts on working with Willis:

…it was fun. I’ve known him before because I know his kids so it was cool to get to work with him. They were like he’s going to do a cameo in it and I was like that’s awesome. He’s just a great guy. He’s a nice guy and he’s an amazing actor.

13 Apr, 2007

Perfect Stranger

In this drama, Willis plays an advertising executive named Harrison Hill, who is suspected of murdering a woman. Co-star Halle Berry plays the victim’s friend Rowena Price, who decides to investigate the murder under the cover of a false identity. The film is directed by James Foley. Berry says about Willis:

When I got this movie, we talked about who would be the right Harrison Hill and who’s charismatic and charming. Men have to root for him and women have (think that) its okay (for him to be cheating). Simultaneously, we all said “Bruce Willis” and I said, “It’s funny—he’s my next door neighbor. Why don’t I just (give) him the script.” I did (give it him). I said, “Here, read this. If you love it, I’ve love for you to be in it. If you don’t, forget I ever came over here and I’ll never do this again.” In a day, he called back and said, “I love it. I really want to do it.”

6 Apr, 2007

Grindhouse: Planet Terror

Willis plays Lt. Muldoon who leads an army squadron on a hunt for a supply of biochemical gas that turns exposed people into flesh-eating zombies. Muldoon himself has been infected with the gas and can only delay his mutation into a zombie by constantly inhaling more of it. Director Robert Rodriguez  explains his use of a “missing reel” in the screening:

I thought, “I have to take real advantage of the missing reel because all the questions that need answering get answered in that reel.” So the movie doesn’t have to make perfect sense. Exactly what is Bruce Willis’s character up to? I don’t know, it was all explained in that reel.

23 Feb, 2007

The Astronaut Farmer

In this family drama starring Billy Bob Thorton as a defunct astronaut candidate determined to build and launch a homemade space rocket, Willis makes a brief appearance as veteran astronaut Colonel Doug Materson. The film is directed by Michael Polish. Thorton says about casting Willis:

The studio wanted a movie star for the cameo role. I said that I thought Bruce would be great for this. Bruce will do something like this for his friends if he likes it. He loved the script and he came to New Mexico to do it.

12 Jan, 2007

Alpha Dog

In this drama based on true events, Willis plays Sonny Truelove, father of Johnny Truelove, the leader of a drug ring –  played by Emile Hirsch. When one of Johnny’s dealers,  Jake Mazursky (played by Ben Foster) runs up a debt, he orchestrates the kidnapping and murder of Jake”s younger half-brother Zack (played by Anton Yelchin) .  Director Nick Cassavetes:

I think the film does comment on some of the possible causes for how this situation came to be, one of which is expressed by Bruce Willis very early in the film, that the whole thing is about parenting.

16 Nov, 2006

Fast Food Nation

In this drama inspired by Eric Schlosser’s 2001 non-fiction book by the same name, Willis plays Harry Rydell, a meat supplier for fast food burger chains. Rydell appears in just one scene, during a meeting with Don Anderson, played by Greg Kinnear. Don is a marketing man for “Mickey’s” restaurant chain, who travels to Colorado to investigate rumors of meat contamination. Director Richard Linklater:

I just sent him the script. I just kinda needed somebody like Bruce Willis. I’ve had friends who had worked with him. I didn’t know him, but I had a hunch that he might dig that part. I was lucky. I guess he wasn’t doing anything else that moment—it was only for one day.

19 May, 2006

Over the Hedge

In this computer animated film for children, Willis provides the voice for RJ, a raccoon who leads his animal friends on a food foraging in an adjacent housing complex. Directed by Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatrick.

It’s the hardest theatrical experience I’ve ever attempted—really. You take away all of the actor’s tools. There are no props, no other actor to work with. You’re just doing your lines and they continually change. It was like flying. I don’t know. I can’t think of a difficult enough metaphor for how hard this was.

3 Mar, 2006

16 Blocks

In this crime thriller directed by Richard Donner, Willis plays Detective Jack Mosley, who is assigned the task of accompanying a criminal for sixteen blocks to a grand jury hearing. On the way, Mosley and the prisoner Eddie Bunker, played by Mos Def, are repeatedly ambushed and shot at by corrupt members of the police force who want to prevent Bunker from testifying. On repeatedly acting as a police officer in films:

These guys don’t get paid anything. Yet they go out there and do it and there’s not a lot of them out there, and they are the last line between us and the…chaos that’s out in the world. All these guys — cops, EMT workers, men and women, emergency room doctors and nurses and people that every night have to see horrific things — there should be thousands of films done about these guys. And they should get paid more money.

24 Feb, 2006

Lucky Number Slevin

In this crime thriller directed by Paul McGuigan, Willis plays hit man Mr. Goodkat. Goodkat kills a gambler who owes money, and two rival crime bosses pursue an innocent man they mistakenly assume is the debtor. The film is full of twists and hidden agendas, which do not become clear until the very end. Costar Morgan Freeman:

Bruce is a jolly fellow and enjoys working. You can tell that he’s just happy to be there and I’m the same way. So he and I – we’ve been in the same movie before….We have the same sort of approach to work. Turn it on. Turn it off. And be sure to give the director and the DP the hardest time possible.

1 Apr, 2005

Sin City

Film Appearance

In this action thriller directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, Willis plays John Hartigan, a retired cop, who is involved in graphically violent encounters with criminals and their victims. The movie is based on the graphic novel by Miller. Co-starring Mickey Rourke, Jaime King, Clive Owen, and Rosario Dawzon. Rodriguez:

He really is like the character. You read the character in the book, he’s like that. That’s why I thought of him. I thought, “This is Bruce Willis.” Bruce Willis is that laconic cop, the retiring cop, the knight in shining armor…I couldn’t think of anyone else to play him and he’s the first guy we went to, and Frank was just thrilled.

21 Mar, 2005

People cover

willisWillis appears on the cover of People to discuss raising his kids, Moore and Kutcher, and being single. On liking Kutcher:

I liked Ashton right away. We just kind of hit it off. He’s got a great sense of humor. For me, as long as she’s happy, I know the kids are going to be happy. My kids have seen parents who call the cops on each other, and yelling and screaming and carrying on, and they know that what they have is different than that. Evolution is a good word.

11 Mar, 2005


In this action thriller, Willis plays Police Chief Jeff Talley. During a failed robbery, thieves hold a homeowner and his children hostage. Talley is informed that the man – Walter Smith, played by Kevin Pollak – is wanted by the FBI for money laundering. While Talley attempts to take possession of a DVD of incriminating information from the hostage scene, Tally’s own wife and daughter are taken hostage by Smith’s associates. Directed by Florent-Emilio Siri. On his character:

This guy is emotionally crushed. I couldn’t have done this film 18 years ago without being a father having that emotional weight… It’s horrific to think about having your kids taken away from you.

10 Dec, 2004

Ocean’s Twelve

In this sequel to Ocean’s Eleven, Willis makes a brief appearance as himself. The crime drama takes place three years after its predecessor, with the same lineup of stars: George Clooney as Danny Ocean, and his friends in crime and crime prevention, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Don Cheadle and Julia Roberts. The gang has two weeks to come up with $198 million dollars to pay back a debt to Mafia boss Terry Benedict, played by Andy Garcia.
On working with Julia Roberts:

That scream she shrieked… They set it up so it would be a surprise when she saw me, so it was a real shriek.

7 Apr, 2004

The Whole Ten Yards

In this sequel, directed by Howard Deutch, to the 2000 comedy film The Whole Nine Yards, Willis plays Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudeski, a former criminal. Jimmy and his wife Jill (Amanda Peet), live in Mexico to hide from a crime boss intent on killing Jimmy. Jill gets a job as a hit woman, and the two eventually travel to Los Angelos to help their old friend Oz – played by Mathew Perry – rescue his wife from kidnappers. On improvising comic scenes with Perry:

I think that we understand timing. For me, I can attribute that to two things. To the sixth, seventh and eighth grade when I was entertaining my class, all through high school actually. And the other thing is from working with TV. When you work on TV every day, your goal is to try to make people laugh and be funny. You become adept at paying attention to where the joke falls. How long to hold a take. We just fool around on the set and try to get it to where it just looks natural and sounds natural.

27 Jun, 2003

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

In this sequel to the action film Charlie’s Angels, Willis makes a cameo, uncredited appearance as Justice Department official William Rose Bailey. The three “Angels”- played by Drew Barrymore as Dylan, Lucy Liu as Alex and Cameron Diaz as Natalie – are on a mission to find two missing rings with the names of every member of a Witness Protection Program engraved on them. Director Joseph McGinty Nichol:

It’s a dream, I can’t lie. I pinch myself. You look over here on your right and there’s Lucy Liu in a dominatrix suit, Cameron and Demi are going toe-to-toe in a bikini, and Bruce Willis is doing a cameo. We’re having some fun. It’s just fun. I’m delighted to make pictures that Middle America is reacting to. That’s sort of what “Charlie’s Angels” should do and hopefully we’re delivering.

13 Jun, 2003

Rugrats Go Wild

In this animated film based on the Nickelodeon animated television series Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys, Willis performs the voice for Spike, a dog. The Rugrats are shipwrecked on a deserted island, where they encounter the Thornberrys, who are on the island to film a documentary. At every screening of this film, members of the audience were provided with scratch and sniff cards to use at very junctures in the story line, in order to experience six different scents as part of the viewing experience.

I suppose they chose me for the role of Spike because of a perceived attitude I project. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any inspiration from Bella [his own dog] because she can’t talk — at least I don’t think she can. But seriously, it’s great to be a part of something that’s fun for the whole family.

3 May, 2003

Tears of the Sun

In this action adventure film directed by Antoine Fuqua, Willis plays Lieutenant A.K. Waters, a veteran Navy Seal. Waters is sent on a mission in Nigeria to rescue US citizen Dr. Lena Hendricks – played by Monica Belluci. Dr. Hendricks refuses to leave without the refugees under her care, and Waters leads them all on a dangerous trek to safety though the jungle. In preparation for the film, Willis and other cast members underwent three weeks of training with real Navy Seals.

After every take, we looked to Antoine to see if he got what he wanted and then we turned to the SEALS to see if we got it right. It was very important for us to portray the Navy SEALS accurately.

1 May, 2002

Grand Champion

In this family film initially released in Germany as Buddy’s World, Willis plays Mr Blandford – a wealthy man who buys a prize calf. The calf’s owner Buddy, played by Jacob Fisher, is overjoyed when his pet named Hokey wins show after show, until he realizes the final destination for the calf is a meat factory. Buddy and his family kidnap the calf from Blanford to save it from its dire fate. Director Barry Tubb says on casting Willis:

He finally wanted to be in something his children could see.

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