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Set Up

20 Sep, 2011

In this crime action film, Willis plays a mob boss named Jack Biggs. When one friend betrays two others in the middle of a diamond heist, Biggs helps the surviving partner Sonny – played by the film’s producer 50 Cent – seek revenge on the traitor. This is the first movie for Willis, and the third for 50 Cent, to go straight from production to DVD without showing in theaters. Director Mike Gunther on Willis:

He is a rock star. He shows up, he just does his thing. Really, to be honest, there ain’t much directing I’m doing. He’s like ‘Kid, don’t worry. I got it handled.’ He is a great guy. I mean a class act, and the opportunity to work with him was, I mean, beyond awesome. …I just said ‘Action’ and ‘Cut.’  So it was entertaining for me just to watch the monitor and watch him…just do his thing and you’re like ‘Holy s###, you’re good,” so it was kinda a dream come true.

Setup "Bruce Willis" - Official Trailer

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