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Bill Murray

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15 Oct, 2014

Bill Murray interview

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Murray appears as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman and shares three memorable stories about crashing a bachelor party, celebrating his birthday with strangers, and driving a taxi. He also talks about the possibility of making a female version of the Ghostbusters movie.

I think you’d want to have some funny girls, and you’d want to have some action girls. You know, I just of girls that I’ve worked with lately, like I worked with these two girls. I worked with Melissa McCarthy, I think she’s very funny.

24 Oct, 2013

Esquire interview

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Murray speaks about serving as a color commentator for a Chicago Cubs baseball game:

It was really thrilling. Harry Caray had been ill or something, and he couldn’t do the first half of the season. So they got a guest person to do the game every day. I started watching the games just to see what people were doing. I mean, I watch Cubs games anyway, but I saw that these people were trying to be broadcasters. And I thought, What the hell? That’s not how I would do it. So I made the decision to do it as a fan, calling it like a person would sitting in front of his TV. I was very fortunate.

23 May, 2012

Esquire interview

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Murray talks about working with Willis in the movie Moonrise Kingdom:

I got along great with Bruce Willis. He’s different, though. He’s rolled as a movie star for a long time, so it’s a little different for him coming into Wes Anderson’s world, where no one gets movie-star treatment. Life really does change when you go on one of Wes’s films — you gotta sit back and relax. But Bruce absolutely delivered. He was really game. It was like, Let’s play. Sometimes you get people that don’t want to play — they just want to perform, to act. He’s a movie star, I’ve been a movie star — we don’t have to take this so seriously.

10 Aug, 2011

The Talks interview

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Murray gives an interview to The Talks. He discusses playing hard to get, pressure on set, and foreign producers.

We’ve had crazy guys on our movies and we had an interesting bunch of producers. We had these Polish guys that came: “The Polish guys are coming.” What is that? The Polish guys come and they’re like happy-go-lucky Polish guys and then the German guys came along and here come the German guys. One of the Polish guys says to me (speaks in Polish accent) “Hey when movie come, you come to Poland?” Yeah, okay. We went to Poland for the cinematographer’s film festival up there and it was a total blast! It was much cooler than Cannes.