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Kate Hudson

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18 Dec, 2014

Receives Role Model Award

Hudson receives the Role Model award at the first-ever People Magazine Awards.

This is a beautiful honor. Life is a journey with its ups and downs, its challenges and its triumphs. Don’t ever let anyone ever push you around.

1 Oct, 2014

Red cover

Magazine Cover

kate-hudson-covers-red-magazine-october-2014Hudson appears on the cover of the October 2014 issue of Red magazine. She talks about being a good role model, getting married, and the media spotlight.

It goes in waves. I think when you are single they just throw you in the fire. When you’re single, you are dating everybody. And you are like, ‘I never even met this person.’ You realize they want every female to be a whore… These (gossip) magazines really, really want women to look bad. Why would you paint such a bad picture of women that young girls look up to? I will never understand that.

Women’s Health cover

Magazine Cover

kate-hudson-womens-health-magazineHudson appears on the cover of the October 2014 issue of Women’s Health magazine. She talks about three actors she would like to work with, her long distance relationship, and what she does on date nights.

We do our date nights. And we are lucky to be able to have the ability to take time with each other and make sure we have that time with each other. So date nights for us are all over. From a movie, to dinner, to just not leaving our bed, to concerts. We like our dates.

22 Jul, 2014

Kate Hudson interview


Seacrest interviews Hudson during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and questions her about her role in the film Wish I Was Here. 

For me it was really relatable complicated relationships with parental figures and being at a point in your life when you’re in your 30s and your’e looking at everything and it’s time to step up and grow up, infused with lots of good humor and Zach’s style and aesthetic. I thought what a wonderful thing to be a part of.

12 Nov, 2013

Harper’s Bazaar cover

Magazine Cover

28ea11297ec969ac435c84bf414016c821fd7853Hudson appears on the cover of the December 2013/January 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. She talks in an article about how she can’t afford to buy red carpet dresses:

People think we own all these dresses, but we borrow them! I can’t afford to buy that stuff. There are certain things I splurge on, but it’s very rare, especially when you have two kids and school tuition.


16 Oct, 2013

Shape feature

kate-hudson-shape-cover-inlineHudson appears on the cover of the November 2013 issue of Shape. She talks in an article about how she likes to do pilates and juice cleanses:

I’ve eaten in all sorts of different ways over the years. I like to do juice cleanses twice a year for five to seven days, or food elimination cleanses where I just eat superclean. That’s really the only time when I’m very strict. Other than that, I eat everything. I just love food. I love bread. I love pasta.

5 Mar, 2013

Glamour cover

Magazine Cover

1362503102_kate-hudson-glamour-cover-lgHudson appears on the cover of the April 2013 issue of Glamour magazine. She has a long interview with Mira Nair and talks about her role on the TV show Glee.

(Cassandra July) is such a wonderfully nasty character. I have so much fun playing her. And singing and dancing makes me so happy.

9 Jul, 2011

Bingham Hawn Bellamy is born


Hudson and Bellamy give birth to a son, Bingham Bellamy. He is 7 lbs 12 ounces.

So happy! Just had a baby boy, Bingham ‘Bing” Hawn Bellamy. Mum and baby are strong and healthy. Mum was a warrior, Bing popped out after 4.5 hours of intense pushing! For those wondering, Bingham is my mum’s maiden name and Bing Russell was Kurt’s dad. Family connections all round!

27 Apr, 2011

Hudson, Bellamy engaged


kate hudson engagedHudson and Bellamy are engaged. She announced the engagement in the middle of a Today show interview.

I’m engaged! It just happened a week ago. I’m so glad you noticed. I haven’t really announced it. … I was waiting for someone to notice.

12 May, 2008

People cover

hudson1Hudson appears on the cover of People after she is named the world’s most beautiful person. Hudson describes how she’s full of surprises from head to toe. On evolving:

I was a tomboy. I had three brothers. I was the girl with the dress on who always came back in the house filthy with scrapes and bruises. But I was always very girly. I had to be able to twirl so that my underwear showed.

5 Jun, 2007

Hudson, Wilson split

Hudson and Wilson split after less than a year of dating. It was rumored that Goldie Hawn wanted Hudson to break up with Wilson because he slashed his wrist and she didnt think it was wise for her to date someone that was unstable.

21 Sep, 2006

Hudson, Wilson dating

Hudson and Wilson begin dating. Rumors began of the couple dating after being spotted in various public outings. A rep for Wilson goes from denying the rumors of dating, to having no comment on the possible relationship. The couple started dating one month after Hudson separated from her husband.

14 Aug, 2006

Hudson, Robinson separate

Hudson and Robinson separate after 5 years of marriage. This is the first marriage for Hudson and the second for Robinson. Hudson reflects:

In the beginning we were so volatile. We were so in love and passionate, and then we would just hate each other and throw stuff around, and then we would travel to Paris for a week.

6 Jan, 2004

Ryder Russell Robinson born


Hudson and her husband Robinson welcomes their first child Ryder Robinson to the world. On wanting a child at an early age:

I want children early enough to really experience my parents young. I want my parents to be able to see my kids graduate from high school.

12 Jun, 1998

Hudson, Robinson marry


hudson-robinson-278x400Hudson and Robinson get married after a year of dating. The event takes place at the Aspen, Colo., ranch of Hudson’s mom, Goldie Hawn. The reception runs until about three a.m. in the new year and was held at the Aspen’s Elk Mountain Lodge.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Kate Hudson, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more