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9 Jul, 2011

Bingham Hawn Bellamy is born


Hudson and Bellamy give birth to a son, Bingham Bellamy. He is 7 lbs 12 ounces.

So happy! Just had a baby boy, Bingham ‘Bing” Hawn Bellamy. Mum and baby are strong and healthy. Mum was a warrior, Bing popped out after 4.5 hours of intense pushing! For those wondering, Bingham is my mum’s maiden name and Bing Russell was Kurt’s dad. Family connections all round!

6 Jan, 2004

Ryder Russell Robinson born


Hudson and her husband Robinson welcomes their first child Ryder Robinson to the world. On wanting a child at an early age:

I want children early enough to really experience my parents young. I want my parents to be able to see my kids graduate from high school.

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