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13RW creator confirms Hannah’s story continues

12 Jun, 2017
During a Q&A session at Netflix’s FYSee event, series Creator Yorkey, assures fans that there is still plenty of Hannah’s story left to tell.

What I can tell you is certainly one question I got a lot is, ‘well how can there be a season two when the story is over?’ I’m like, what story is over? And people are like ‘Hannah’s,’ and I’m like, well no, Hannah told her version of the events but there are at least 12 kids that have another version of those events that we haven’t really heard from yet, so I think there’s quite a bit more of Hannah’s story to tell.

I think season two will give us a look at a lot of things—a lot of the events that we think we know, we may learn are more complicated than we thought, and Hannah is even more complicated than we saw season one. I also think that for those that Hannah left behind, that story is just beginning. Their stories of recovery are just beginning. Clay and Olivia Baker are two people with the most amount of healing to do, and it was just in its very beginning stages when season one ended. Season two is also about healing and how we go on, because people always say you have to go on but how do we after something like that?

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