2012 Benghazi Attack

NYT Public Editor scolds paper for not putting Libya hearings on front page

11 Oct, 2012

Margaret Sullivan, the New York Times Public Editor scolds the paper for not putting the Libya Congressional Hearing on the paper’s front page:[1. New York Times – Why Wasn’t Libya Hearing on Page A1 of The Times? http://publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/11/why-wasnt-libya-hearing-on-page-a1-of-the-times/]

I believe that the Libya hearing story belonged on The Times’s front page. It had significant news value, regardless of the political maneuvering that is inevitable with less than four weeks to go until the election. And more broadly, there is a great deal of substance on this subject that warrants further scrutiny. I can’t think of many journalistic subjects that are more important right now, or more deserving of aggressive reporting.

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