2012 Benghazi Attack


12 Oct, 2012

The White House defends Biden’s “we weren’t told” debate statement; Carney says Biden was referring to the White House, the president and himself.

Romney says, “The vice president directly contradicted sworn testimony of State Department officials. He’s doubling down on denial.” Romney also says: “President Obama, this is an issue because Americans wonder why it was it took so long for you and your administration to admit that this was a terrorist attack,”

Undersecretary of State for Management Pat Kennedy comments on the 16-member site security team of U.S. troops that left Libya in the weeks prior to the attack, despite efforts by its leader to stay longer. Kennedy said, “It provided security to Tripoli, not Benghazi. On a small number of occasions, a couple of SST members would travel to Benghazi for very specific reasons, but they were not part of the long-term security presence in Benghazi.”

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