2014 World Cup

FIFA to pay members $200 million

Jun 2014

FIFA will pay out $200 million to its member organizations of 2014 World Cup revenue estimated at $4.5 billion. The governing body is set to pay $250,000 in June 2014 to each of its 209 member countries and $2.5 million to the six continental bodies. National members will receive a further $500,000 in 2015 and confederation members $4.5 million more. The planned bonuses are $200,000 higher than payments made after the 2010 World Cup when each FIFA member got a total of $550,000 and the six confederations each received $5 million. FIFA had budgeted to earn $3.8 billion for the four-year commercial cycle tied to the 2014 World Cup. It expects $5 billion revenue in the cycle leading to the 2018 World Cup, $2.7 billion from broadcasting rights sales and $2.3 billion from sponsors and licensing. Expenditures are expected at $4.9 billion with $100 million to be added to reserves, currently at $1.4 billion.

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