Aaron Hernandez

Felt ‘helpless’ during police questioning

16 Sep, 2014

Hernandez says he was worried about his fiancee and their child and felt helpless while police were searching his home the day after Odin Lloyd was murdered. In an affidavit he filed with Bristol Superior Court, Hernandez states:

I felt helpless in the face of the occupation of my house by the police. I was also very concerned about what would happen to my fiance [sic] and our baby if I refused to answer their questions. I did not feel free to leave at any time during the search.

The sworn statement, made public today, is the first time Hernandez has spoken publicly about the case. He also states:

Many of the officers carried weapons which were visible to me. Officers asked me a number of questions, including where my cellphone was and the password for my phone. I told them that my cell phone was with my lawyers and I told them the password. I was not given Miranda warnings at any point. I had told the police the night before that they should direct their questions to my attorneys, but they questioned me anyway. I know that my attorneys told police the night before that they should contact them, not me, with any questions, but the police ignored that, too.

Hernandez filed the affidavit as part of an effort to suppress evidence police derived from questioning him at his home during a June 18, 2013, search there. His lawyers argue:

That questioning occurred without appropriate Miranda warnings and after Hernandez had invoked his right to counsel. Accordingly, all fruits of his statements must be suppressed.

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