Social worker recommends house arrest

A court-appointed prison social worker says Pistorius’ punishment for culpable homicide should include three years of house arrest. The recommendation was given at the sentencing hearing. Also speaking at the hearing, Pistorius’ therapist says the athlete is traumatized by Steenkamp’s death, describing signs of post-traumatic stress during their sessions. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel calls the punishment shockingly inappropriate

Model inmate

Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins says Hernandez is a model inmate. If the good behavior continues Hernandez will be given TV privileges so he can watch his team’s games. Since being moved to a Boston jail, Tompkins says there have been ‘‘no problems, no complaints.” He also says Hernandez is mingling with the general population at […]

Official report: plane ‘spiraled’ into sea

The first official report on the disappearance of MH370 is released by the Australian Transportation Safety Board (ATSB). The report concludes concludes that the Boeing 777’s right-hand engine was likely to have failed first, followed by the left engine, causing the plane to spiral into the ocean. For purposes of the report, the investigators assumed that the […]

Widow turns down 64k

After taking legal advice, the widow of Paul Weeks, who was a passenger on the flight, rejects Malaysia Airlines compensation offer of $64,000. She tells Perth Now that the offer had a condition that she complete a detailed questionnaire. Voice 370, the group Weeks helped to establish: We are left asking ‘is any life worth so little No sum of […]

Judge allows cell phone evidence

Judge E. Susan Garsh denies the defense’s claim that Hernandez’s cell phone was given to Massachusetts State Police under “false claim of legal authority,” and she allows the prosecutors to include the recorded information from the cell phone around the time of the alleged murder of Odin Lloyd. In her decision, Garsh writes: The turning over […]

Announces Windows 10

At an event in San Francisco, the company announces the latest version of its Windows’ operating system: Windows 10.  A Windows 9 version is not being released. The Windows Insider Program will launch October 1, 2014 to give users a chance to operate a very early beta version of the software. The first beta preview will be […]

New phase of search begins

The GO Phoenix arrives in the southern Indian Ocean and starts its search for the missing flight. The ship, and two others which will arrive within the month, will conduct detailed sonar sweeps of the area in a search effort expected to take one year or more, according to the Australian Transport Safety Board (ATSB).

Judge throws out 35 pieces of evidence

Stating there was insufficient evidence and the warrant police had to search  Hernandez’s home was not for a wide-ranging search, Judge Susan Garsh will not allow 35 items to be used as evidence in the murder trial. She writes in an eight-page order: There are no facts in the affidavit that tie either Hernandez or Ortiz […]

‘Fashion Police Tribute’ airs

Some of Rivers’ closest friends and confidants pay tribute to her in a special 90-minute Fashion Police episode on Friday, September 19, 2014. Melissa opens the show: The last four years this set has been home to the funniest, most outrageous voice in comedy. This chair was the place a woman spoke the truth about celebrities […]

iOS 8 will protect information from police

The new encryption in iOS 8 will no longer allow the company to bypass a user’s password to access their account data. Even if police present a search warrant, text messages, emails, photos and other data can not be accessed and turned over to them. Apple says: So it’s not technically feasible for us to […]

Arrives in Albania

Pope Francis arrives in Albania to meet with 11 heads of various religious communities to promote harmony. Francis is only the second pope to visit Albania. Pope John Paul II visited the country in 1992. Due to reported planned attacks by Islamic militants, security is very tight. Albania has raised its police force alert to the […]

German families to sue Ukraine

German lawyer Elmar M. Giemulla, an aviation expert, says he will file a suit at the European Court of Human Rights in the coming weeks on behalf of three German families who lost relatives when the plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. He argues that Ukraine should have closed the airspace […]

Recalls 220,000+ sedans due to fire risk

The company recalls 221,558 Cadillac XTS and Chevrolet Impala sedans because the brake pads can stay partially engaged even when they’re not needed, increasing the risk of a fire. The recall involves Cadillacs from the 2013-2015 model years and Impalas from the 2014 and 2015 model years. There are 205,309 vehicles affected in the U.S, and the […]

Kentucky fireman dies from challenge injuries

Captain Tony Grider dies from burn-related injuries he suffered last month. While helping the Campbellsville University band with their video challenge on August 21, 2014, four members of the Fire and Rescue Department in Campbellsville, Kentucky were shocked by power lines as two stood in a ladder bucket spraying water on the band and two more […]

iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales break record

Apple announces that 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones were sold during the first weekend of sales, breaking a company record for sales. The figures for the two devices are not broken out, but the  iPhone 6 Plus has been more difficult to find at retailers. Two years ago, over 2 million iPhone5 preorders […]

Crystal, Fallon swap Williams’ stories

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Crystal and Fallon pay tribute to Williams by swapping funny stories about him. Fallon commends Crystal for his tribute to Williams on The Primetime Emmy Awards show. Crystal says “It was really a hard thing,” mentioning the entire crowd was feeling “the same sadness, bewilderment, frustration and this overall ‘What?!’ It was […]

Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Antonio Sabato, Jr., a model and actor, was born on February 29, 1972 in Rome, Italy. His father is actor Antonio Sabato, Sr., and his mother is a realtor from Prague.  Sabato and his family moved to the United States in 1985.  He attended school in Los Angeles, CA and Beverly Hills, CA. Sabato became […]

Felt ‘helpless’ during police questioning

Hernandez says he was worried about his fiancee and their child and felt helpless while police were searching his home the day after Odin Lloyd was murdered. In an affidavit he filed with Bristol Superior Court, Hernandez states: I felt helpless in the face of the occupation of my house by the police. I was […]

iPhone 6 demand challenges supplier

Apple supplier Foxconn hires more workers for its factory in Zhengzhou, China to help meet the huge demand for the new phones. The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 200,000 Foxconn workers are stationed at the Zhengzhou factory with the sole job of assembling the new iPhones and some of its key components. The plant is operating 100 production […]

Cancer diagnosis

Dr. Zane Cohen, a colorectal surgeon at Mount Sinai hospital, says Ford has a malignant sarcoma tumor, and he describes it as “very rare” and “very difficult.” Ford has been hospitalized for a week with a tumor in his abdomen.

iOS 8 available for download

Apple’s operating system iOS 8 is now available for download. The updated operating system for iPhones and iPads offers many new features. The most significant feature is Apple Pay, a mobile payment system that works with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch (to be released next year). In this latest version of […]

Doctor’s name released

Members of the staff at Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic name Dr. Gwen Korovin as the doctor who allegedly performed an unauthorized biopsy of Rivers’ vocal chords, according to a source close to the investigation. Korovin is the same doctor who allegedly took a selfie while in the procedure room with Rivers. Other celebrities who have been treated by […]

Melissa speaks for first time since funeral

Melissa speaks for the first time since her mother’s funeral by posting a message on As my son Cooper and I mourn the loss of my mother, we want to thank everyone for the beautiful cards and flowers conveying heartfelt messages and condolences, which continue to arrive from around the world and through social media. […]

Gatorade ‘My Way’ homage

Gatorade pays homage to Jeter with Frank Sinatra’s song My Way. The commercial shows Jeter in a taxi heading to the stadium and then deciding to get out and walk to be among his fans.

Comedy show for troops planned

On The Today Show, Roker, as part of the show’s Shine a Light series, announces he will shine a light on American troops and the sacrifices they have made for their country. Roker will join Jay Leno, Kevin Eubanks, Craig Robinson, Iliza Shlesinger and the United Service Organizations (USO) to put on a comedy show for the military in the […]

Debuts $99 Kindle Fire HD 6

Amazon announces the $99 Kindle Fire HD 6. The six-inch tablet can be pre-ordered now, with US deliveries excepted to ship next month. The release dates for the UK and Australia are not being revealed at this time. The tablet comes in several colors, and with a six-inch screen it is one of the smallest […]

Announces 153 Gilmore Girls episodes

The company announces that starting October 1, 2014 all seven seasons, 153 episodes in total, of Gilmore Girls will be available. The show aired from 2000 to 2006 on the WB and then on the CW. The show was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino and is about a single mother Lorelai Gilmore (played by Lauren Graham) raising […]

iPhone 6 pre-orders top 4 million in one day

Apple reports a record for first-day pre-orders for its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, hitting over four million pre-orders in the first 24 hours. They also report demand for the products outpaced initial supplies, and “a significant amount” of the devices will be delivered to customers beginning September 19, 2014, when the phones officially go […]

Buy $12.5 million mansion

Witherspoon and Toth purchase a mansion in Pacific Palisades for $12.5 million. Other celebrities living in the exclusive enclave include: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Conan O’Brien. The 4,344 square foot home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms and features views of the rolling Palisades and Will Rogers State Park. The […]

Expecting third child

Stefani informs her husband that she is expecting their third child in an email. The subject line of the email was in capitals and said “LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME NOW.” Rossdale: I was like, ‘What is this?’ My blood pressure went through the roof, and I opened the email and it was [a […]

Father dies

While visiting his daughter Antonia in Singapore, Kidman’s father Antony Kidman dies as the result of a fall. Mr. Kidman was a prominent clinical psychologist in Australia, as well as an author and biochemist. The details of his death have not been released. A spokesperson for the Singapore police tells Reuters that they are “investigating the […]

Joins Downton Abbey charity film

A representative for the show’s UK network, ITV, says the actor will appear in a Downton Abbey-related film made for ITV’s charity program, Text Santa. The annual fundraiser raises money to support six UK charities, including Alzheimer’s Society and Teenage Cancer Trust. Clooney will not appear in any Downton Abbey episodes. So exciting, George Clooney has filmed a special […]

UK, Germany: No air strikes

A day after President Obama tells American that the US will be joined by “a broad coalition of partners,” Britain and Germany announce they will not be participating in airstrikes against ISIS. British foreign secretary Philip Hammond says Parliament decided against participating in airstrikes in 2013, and it won’t be “revisiting” the matter. German foreign minister Frank-Walter […]

CIA: ISIS has 20,000 – 31,500 fighters

The CIA estimates that ISIS has between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters in Iraq and Syria. It was initially estimated there were as many as 10,000 fighters, including those who were freed from prisons by ISIS, and Sunni loyalists who have joined the fight as the group advanced across Iraq. This new total reflects an increase […]

Pokemon man jumps fence

A man tries to jump the White House fence and is quickly subdued by the Secret Service. The man wore a Pokemon mask. President Obama is at a 9/11 memorial at the time and is not on the premises. The White House is placed on a temporary lockdown until the matter is resolved. UPDATE: The White House […]

Testing disappearing posts

Facebook is testing a feature that allows users to set a time when their status updates will disappear. This feature will allow Facebook to be more like Snapchat.  Snapchat allows users to send photos, texts or videos that disappear in a matter of seconds, and is very popular among young users. A Facebook spokesman said the feature […]

Dogs included in will

Rivers’ goddaughter Tracie Hotchner tells the Daily Mail that Rivers left “clear provisions” for her rescue dogs in the will. Rivers owned four dogs. Samantha and Teegan lived with her in New York City, and her Jack Russell Terrier and Border Collie stayed with her in California. New York Post columnist Cindy Adams revealed earlier that Samantha and […]

Drops Nokia and Windows Phone brands

Microsoft announces the Nokia and Windows Phone brands will not be used in this holiday season’s marketing materials. Microsoft also plans not to use the Windows Phone logo in promotions and commercials, instead it will be replaced with just Windows. The Verge confirms the information is accurate and reports a slide that reads: As part of our phased […]

Five million passwords leaked

At least five million Gmail addresses and passwords appear on a Russian Bitcoin forum site. Google says they have no evidence of a server breach, and the list appears to be a collection of passwords exposed in previous hacks and are likely on users’ own computers, not Google’s systems. Google spokeswoman Caroline Matthews: We have no evidence […]

Offering iPhone 6 for free

Shortly after Apple reveals the new iPhone 6, Verizon Wireless announces they will give customers the phone for free with the signing of a two-year contract. Customers must also turn in their old iPhone to be eligible for the offer. They will accept the following used iPhone models: 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C, as long […]

Drops iPod

As Apple moves on to wearable devices and bigger screens on their smartphones, they say goodbye to their classic MP3 player, the iPod, which was introduced in October 2001. The device eventually held up to 160GB of music. The iPod accounted for a large part of the company’s sales, with 54.83 million iPod units shipped at […]

Participates in ‘Net Neutrality Day’

As part of a protest against a recent proposal from the Federal Communications Commission that would open the door for internet service providers to charge consumers more for “prioritized” data, an image of a wheel spinning infinitely will display on Netflix and numerous other sites today.  The spinning wheel will switch between saying “If there were […]

Broadway League reverses decision

Reversing their initial ruling, The Broadway League will dim the lights on Broadway in tribute to Rivers. Charlotte St. Martin, executive director of The Broadway League: Due to the outpouring of love and respect for Joan Rivers from our community and from her friends and fans worldwide, the marquees of Broadway theaters in New York will be […]

Member has ties to Cambridge, MA, mosque

One of the top propaganda people for ISIS, Ahmad Abousamra, was a regular attendee of the Islamic Society of Boston, which runs the mosque the Boston Marathon bombers attended.  His father is a doctor who sat on the board of the Muslim organization that runs the mosque. He stepped down from the position when the FBI began […]

No Broadway tribute

The Broadway League decides not to dim the lights in a tribute to Rivers. Executive director Charlotte St. Martin explains the League’s decision not to honor Rivers with the tradition of dimming the lights on Broadway theater marquees: Under our criteria people need to have been very active recently in the theater, or else be synonymous with […]

Song inspires TV series

Underwood’s song, Two Black Cadillacs, is the inspiration for an upcoming TV series. Underwood and entertainment moguls Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Ildy Modrovich will produce a six-hour television series based on the song, which is about two women at the funeral of a cheating man they presumably killed. Underwood will serve as executive producer of the show.

Ceasefire agreed

After talks in Belarus, Ukraine’s government and rebel separatists sign a ceasefire agreement. The ceasefire agreement goes into effect at 6 p.m. local time (11 a.m. ET), per order of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. A CNN team in southeastern Ukraine reports that as of 20 minutes into the ceasefire period there had been no renewal of […]

‘One of the classiest acts’

On his show, at times nearly in tears, Fallon pays tribute to Rivers who hosted The Tonight Show for Johnny Carson in the 1980’s on many occasions. Fallon says Rivers was “fearless” and “one of the funniest people in the world, ever.” He adds: She would come out and just say what you were thinking, but you […]

Announces privacy checkup with mascot

A new feature allowing users to perform a “privacy checkup” is announced. The privacy feature has a blue dinosaur to help guide users through the process. The  feature starts by displaying the share settings for the user’s Facebook posts and gives an option to change them. Next, the checkup shows the apps that have access […]