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Aaron Klein

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3 Jan, 2016

Clinton ‘Two Faced,’ ‘Liar,’


In an interview with Klein, Jones criticizes Hillary Clinton’s statements about standing by the victims of sexual assault.

And how dare her. You know what? She don’t care nothing about women. Because if she did she would believe what I had to say. She would believe what the other women had to say. It’s really a sad, sad day if Hillary becomes president, because she has allowed her husband to get by with this type of stuff.  Why does he have a right to be back in the White House, the people’s house? Why is he allowed to be back there with the track record that he has and his wife and the lying that she does and how she tried to discredit all of these women that her husband abused and sexually harassed? [She’s] such a liar. And she’s so two faced. I never once was contacted by her. Not one time and apologized about what her husband did to me.

She also says the treatment of the Clintons in the media differs from that of Bill Cosby:

There are so many people, I think, in the media, and so many people out there protecting them for whatever reason. I don’t know if they are scared of them, or what? If Bill Cosby, I mean, even if what he did was somewhat different, he still abused these women sexually and so did Bill Clinton. I’m not going to speak for all of them. But I know about me and what I heard about Kathleen Willey and different ones. I mean, he is a predator. I just don’t understand how he can get by with it.

25 Apr, 2015

GoFundMe page shuts down

The fundraising website GoFundMe shuts down the donation page for the Kleins. The page had raised has more than $66,000 before being shut down. GoFundMe statement:

After careful review by our team, we have found the ‘Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa’ campaign to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions and have removed this campaign.

24 Apr, 2015

Fined $135,000


Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) orders the bakery to pay $135,000 in damage to the lesbian couple for refusing to make them a wedding cake. BOLI statement:

The facts of this case clearly demonstrate that the Kleins unlawfully discriminated against the Complainants…Under Oregon law, businesses cannot discriminate or refuse service based on sexual orientation, just as they cannot turn customers away because of race, sex, disability, age or religion. Our agency is committed to fair and thorough enforcement of Oregon civil rights laws, including the Equality Act of 2007.

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