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3 Jan, 2016

Clinton ‘Two Faced,’ ‘Liar,’

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In an interview with Klein, Jones criticizes Hillary Clinton’s statements about standing by the victims of sexual assault.

And how dare her. You know what? She don’t care nothing about women. Because if she did she would believe what I had to say. She would believe what the other women had to say. It’s really a sad, sad day if Hillary becomes president, because she has allowed her husband to get by with this type of stuff.  Why does he have a right to be back in the White House, the people’s house? Why is he allowed to be back there with the track record that he has and his wife and the lying that she does and how she tried to discredit all of these women that her husband abused and sexually harassed? [She’s] such a liar. And she’s so two faced. I never once was contacted by her. Not one time and apologized about what her husband did to me.

She also says the treatment of the Clintons in the media differs from that of Bill Cosby:

There are so many people, I think, in the media, and so many people out there protecting them for whatever reason. I don’t know if they are scared of them, or what? If Bill Cosby, I mean, even if what he did was somewhat different, he still abused these women sexually and so did Bill Clinton. I’m not going to speak for all of them. But I know about me and what I heard about Kathleen Willey and different ones. I mean, he is a predator. I just don’t understand how he can get by with it.

24 Oct, 2015

Supports Clinton in Iowa

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Bill Clinton and Perry give their support to Hillary, at a rally in Iowa.

I stand and I march with Hillary. I believe in her future, her vision. I believe in her policies. I believe in equal rights for men, women.


Y’know, sometimes it’s important. You just have to roar about what you have to fight for.

26 Jul, 2015

Poses with Presidents


Perry poses in an instagram of her between President Clinton and President Bush, and jokes that she might even be next.


25 May, 2015

March in Chappaqua

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Hillary and Bill Clinton march in their hometown Memorial Day parade in Chappaqua. The Clintons smile and wave at supporters. Hillary Clinton poses for selfies while still walking the route. Hillary:

Many of our veterans came home from combat with injuries of all kinds. This is a way of demonstrating that they are not forgotten, and we are going to make sure we do everything we can to honor their sacrifice.


19 Apr, 2015

Commemorates Oklahoma City bombing

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Clinton speaks at the 20-year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, citing a term used by a rescuer at the bombing to describe the generosity of the people of Oklahoma City.

By just living by the Oklahoma Standard, you grew faster than ever before and grew far more prosperous . . . A breathtaking increase in per capita income in these 20 years, but the material gains were incidental. Every family here who lost someone would give it all up in a heartbeat to have their loved ones back.

21 Oct, 2014

‘Exquisite taste elevated American fashion’


The Clintons make a joint statement regarding the death of de la Renta.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend, Oscar de la Renta. His singular talent and exquisite taste elevated American fashion, and his warmth and friendship will be missed by our family and all whose lives he touched in his extraordinary journey. We will always be grateful to Oscar for the love he showed us, and for sharing his talent on some of the most important occasions of our lives.

20 Oct, 2014

Cyberbullying speech


Lewinsky speaks to a group of young people regarding her romance with former President Bill Clinton, public embarrassment, jail threats and online hate.

The experience of shame and humiliation online is different than offline. There is no way to wrap your mind around where the humiliation ends, there are no borders it honestly feels like the whole world is laughing at you. I know….I lived it.

Monica Lewinsky On The Internet's Reputation Shredder | Forbes

25 Jun, 2014

Clinton praises O’Malley

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At the annual meeting for the Clinton Global Initiative, O’Malley appears on stage with Bill Clinton to announce O’Malley’s involvement with a project of CGI called the Mid-Atlantic Infrastructure Exchange (MAX). Clinton praises O’Malley as “a terrific governor of Maryland” and notes his education reforms in particular [remarks related to O’Malley begin around 5:00 in the video]:

Maryland at least twice during [O’Malley’s] two-term tenure has been voted the best run state in the country.

The former president predicts O’Malley’s lieutenant governor will succeed him:

 Showing that the people of Maryland like where they’re going and believe in what they’re doing.

Defends ‘broke’ comment


Bill defends Hillary after she receives negativity for her comments about their financial situation. He corroborates Hillary’s comment that they were broke after leaving the White House and says that she is “not out of touch.” He says that Hillary is an advocate for the working class and that they even shop at the local grocery store and talk with the townfolk. Bill also criticizes that reporters have taken Hillary’s charity work out of context, and shares the story of Hillary offering free legal services and advocating for paid leave for pregnant women. He comments:

You just have to be transparent and tell the truth

18 Jan, 2012

Esquire cover

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esq-bill-clinton-cover-0212-vnXIkd-lgClinton talks about his Clinton Global Initiative:

I just kept feeling that there was more possibility to create jobs in America without some huge government initiative. That if we could get businesses that are doing well together with people with good ideas, and with people that are doing training, and with banks that are willing to loan money under certain circumstances, then we could do some good. That’s what led to CGI America. And the commitments we’ve gotten will create or fill existing vacancies that haven’t been filled in months for more than 150,000 jobs and give more than twice that many people more-relevant job training. We also got another $265 million in direct commitments for investments of low-interest loans to small entrepreneurs.



8 Sep, 2009

Esquire interview

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Clinton gives his thoughts on why his proposed health care bill in 1994 didn’t get passed:

Basically, everybody who writes about this stuff today repeats the health-insurance lobby’s line from 1994. Like: The bill was long and complicated. The bill took out four hundred more pages of federal law than it put in. They say we forced a bill on Congress — untrue. I asked Congress to write the bill, and Chairman [Dan] Rostenkowski [of the House Ways and Means Committee] demanded that Hillary send him a bill — a complete bill. He said, “I won’t take it up if you don’t. We don’t know enough about it, the interest groups will eat us alive, we’ll modify your bill, but you’ve gotta send us a whole bill.” It was the demand of the most important committee in the House of Representatives.

13 Feb, 2005

Wins Grammy

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Clinton wins the Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for My Life.

1 Aug, 2004

O Magazine interview

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Clinton gives his thoughts on his impeachment trial during his presidency in an interview with O Magazine.

The personal aspect: What was I thinking? No matter how mad or scared I was about what else was going on, why in the wide world did I do that? And how can I make it up to everybody involved, beginning with Hillary and Chelsea, my administration, and the American people? That was by far the most difficult thing. Fighting (Kenneth) Starr and the impeachment was easy.

23 Oct, 1998

Sign Wye Agreement

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Netanyahu and Arafat sign the Wye River Agreement. The agreement is a land-for-peace deal which is signed after a 21-hour discussion between the two parties mediated by US president Bill Clinton. Jordan’s King Hussein, is also in attendance, assisting in the negotiations. Netanyahu:

The agreement benefits both sides and leaves me brimming with some confidence that Israel and the Palestinians could reach a final accord, though I guarantee you it will not be easy.


6 Dec, 1996

Nominates Albright for Secretary of State

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Clinton nominates Albright to succeed Warren Christopher as U.S. Secretary of State.

When my name came up to be Secretary of State, there were those who said that a woman cannot be Secretary of State,  that other countries would not deal with a women. The Arab ambassadors at the U.N said, we have dealt with Ambassador Albright and never had any problems. I had more problems with the men in our government, and not because they were mail chauvinist pigs, but because they had seen me go through this endlessly long rise of being a carpool mother, or a friend of their wives, or on school boards, or the perfect staffer. And all of a sudden, I’m Secretary of State and they wonder why they weren’t.

14 Jun, 1993

Supreme Court nomination

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President Clinton nominates Ginsburg for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

I decided on her for three reasons. First, in her years on the bench she has genuinely distinguished herself as one of our Nation’s best judges, progressive in outlook, wise in judgment, balanced and fair in her opinions. Second, over the course of a lifetime, in her pioneering work in behalf of the women of this country, she has compiled a truly historic record of achievement in the finest traditions of American law and citizenship. And finally, I believe that in the years ahead she will be able to be a force for consensus-building on the Supreme Court, just as she has been on the Court of Appeals, so that our judges can become an instrument of our common unity in the expression of their fidelity to the Constitution.

Bill Clinton interview

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Clinton is interviewed by Hall on The Arsenio Hall Show. They talk about his interest in playing music, being an Elvis fan, and meeting with communities in South Central California.

This country has been around for more than two hundred years because more than half the time the people have been right and have elected the kind of leadership we needed to move our country through crisis periods.

American President - Clinton Part 1 in the Arsenio Hall - 1992

29 Oct, 1991

Bill and Hillary Clinton interview

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The Clintons are interviewed by Hall on The Arsenio Hall Show. They talk about if they argue, and if Bill has ever thought about quitting his presidency. Bill:

I wanted the voters to make up their mind. If the voters say, ‘Hey we think some other person will be a better president!’ I will go home a happy man to the life that I’ve got. It’s a wonderful life.

American Talk Show - Hillary Clinton in Arsenio Hall - 1992

24 Jul, 1963

Meets John F. Kennedy



Clinton meets President John F. Kennedy at the White House Rose Garden. He receives this opportunity as the Arkansas representative of the America Legion’s Boys Nation. While there, he also meets Senate Chairman James William Fullbright, whom he later says sparked his political interest.

Fullbright I admired to no end…He had a real impact on my wanting to be a citizen of the world.