Abby Lee Miller

Dancer claims abuse

9 Oct, 2014

In a suit filed in LA County Court, Paige Hyland, a 13-year-old dancer, alleges she suffered emotional abuse and developed panic attacks and anxiety from her reality star dance instructor. Document:

Paige Hyland reasonably feared she would be physically injured because she had observed Miller physically batter other people on the show including physically pushing [mother] Kelly Hyland’s face, pinching another student until she bled and violently grabbing another student by the arm…All of this was a part of a deliberate scheme by the producers to generate interest in the television show and strong ratings when each episode airs.

She also claims that the girls had to work 60 hour weeks and 12-hour days were routine. Hyland’s lawyer:

I’m not looking to make a lot of money off this. I think what Miller has done to the kids is intolerable and has got to stop. It’s the most repugnant case I’ve been involved in after 49 years of practice.

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