Adam Sandler

Punch-Drunk Love

1 Nov, 2002

Sandler stars in this offbeat romantic comedy directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. He plays Barry Egan, a depressed toilet plunger businessman who has a passive-aggressive relationship with his sisters. He meets and falls in love with Lena, played by Emily Watson, but gets into trouble after calling a phone sex line and running into a goon. Co-starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Luis Guzman. On getting the role:

Paul called and asked to come and hang out. We were shooting Little Nicky at the time, and Paul comes over, hangs out, we hung out for about five hours, and he just talked about some of the stuff I’ve done in the past, and he’s a Saturday Night Live fan, we talked about that stuff. And I just thought he was a great guy.

Punch-Drunk Love Trailer

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