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5 Jun, 2014

Celebrates 25 years

Jackson celebrates 25 years since he signed his first recording contract, on June 26, 1989. The Georgia native’s accomplishments include; more than 50 top 10 singles, 60 million albums sold, 18 ACM awards, 16 CMA awards, two Grammys and a membership in the Grand Ole Oprey. To celebrate his milestone, Alan Jackson will embark on a 25th anniversary tour next year, making appearances in appropriately 25 cities. Jackson states that this is not a farewell tour.

I don’t know what I’d retire from. I don’t work much now.

24 Sep, 2013

Blue Ridge Mountain Song

Jackson releases his single, Blue Ridge Mountain Song, from his album, The Bluegrass Album. The video for the song was shot by photographer and director David McClister at a location east of Nashville and in the hills of North Carolina.

Alan Jackson - Blue Ridge Mountain Song

Jan 2012

So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore

Jackson releases his single, So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore, from his album, Thirty Miles West. Jackson:

Well, at first it raised the hair on my arms, when I heard the demo. It was a really good version, too. It was one of those songs that, when I heard it, it’s the kind of song that made me want to be in country music. I’m such a big fan of that kind of song. Sad songs, or break-up songs, and heartache songs are always the best ones to bring that emotion out and are actually the easiest to write as a writer.

Alan Jackson - So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore

27 Jun, 2011

Long Way To Go

Single Release

Jackson releases his single, Long Way To Go, from his album, Thirty Miles West.

It’s just a fun summertime song -- I had something to drink one time and a bug flew in it and I kinda made a note of that. Some people have asked if I was sitting someplace warm or near a beach when I was writing it, but I was actually in Nashville and it was pretty cold!

Alan Jackson - Long Way To Go

3 May, 2010

Hard Hat And A Hammer


Jackson releases his single, Hard Hat And A Hammer, from his album, Freight Train.Jackson:

I get a credit on this album [as a musician]. I play the anvil. Hard Hat and a Hammer has an anvil in there. I said, ‘Man, this thing needs somebody hitting an anvil with a hammer. [Producer Keith Stegall] came out to the house one day with his engineer because I’ve got an anvil that was my daddy’s. It’s mounted on a telephone pole and the back of it’s broken off. He got it when he worked for the county farm. They gave it to him because it was broken, I guess. It stayed in our garage my whole life, daddy’s shop garage. Man, I beat on a lot of parts and steel on that thing, and he did too. When he died, I got a lot of his stuff. And that anvil’s in my car museum garage there. Keith came out and we took a hammer and it didn’t sound right. Finally, we had to get two or three hammers and found one that sounded right. That’s what’s on the record. I sat there and beat on that anvil, so I get that credit… the hammer that worked was a hammer that had a steel handle instead of the wood. That’s the one that sounded best. I think you hear the hammer more than you hear the anvil.

Alan Jackson - Hard Hat And A Hammer

16 Apr, 2010

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame

Jackson is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame under the category of Recording. There to celebrate his induction is Shawn Parr of KKGO radio.

It’s not just a country music thing or the Grammys or anything. I think it’s more an honor for your whole career and the impact you’ve made in the world with your music. It’s something that’s going to be here forever. It’s not like one I put on the shelf at home. It’s out here for everyone else to enjoy.

Alan Jackson Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

4 Jan, 2010

It’s Just That Way

Single Release

Jackson releases his single, It’s Just That Way, from his album, Freight Train. Jackson’s daughter, Mattie, wrote the script for the song’s music video. Jackson:

We’re always looking at ideas for videos and I’ve shot about 50 of them, literally 50-something, and you kind of run out of ideas. We had some ideas thrown from directors but nothing knocked me down. And I told all my girls one day -- they were all sitting there -- I said, ‘Why don’t y’all come up with an idea for this thing? You’re all pretty musical and creative.’ She called me one day from college and said, ‘I’ve got this idea,’ and was telling me about it. And I said, ‘Put it down on something.’ She printed it out… and I showed it to my manager and the record label liked it and everybody wanted to do it, so I got the director to do it. And bam! There it was.

Alan Jackson - It's Just That Way

2 Mar, 2009

Sissy’s Song

Jackson releases his single, Sissy’s Song, from his album, Good Time. The song was written for Jackson’s housekeeper’s funeral.

It was for a lady who worked here at our house; someone I saw everyday like family. She died suddenly of an accident this past spring and it was really hard on me and all of us. This is the same track that we played at the funeral. It’s a real pretty song and a lot of people told me how much it made them feel better so I was very proud of it.

Alan Jackson - Sissy's Song


18 Dec, 2007

Small Town Southern Man

Single Release

Jackson releases his single, Small Town Southern Man, from his album, Good Time. Jackson:

I think sometimes you sit down and try to write something and think, ‘Well, this may make a good single,’ and you’re trying to do something for your career. But most of the time, I write what comes out or I have ideas I’ve scribbled down over the past year or two. I had Small Town Southern Man written down, and I’ll just pick that up and start writing it. I don’t know that I sit down and try to designate each song for something special. Just write each one and pick the ones you like. I’ve always tried to mix it up on an album where there’s some up-tempo things and some mid-tempo kind of cool songs -- some real love ballads that are pretty. Heavy broken-heart songs and drinking songs and just a little of everything. You know, that’s kind of the way country music’s always been.

Alan Jackson - Small Town Southern Man

21 Jun, 2004

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Jackson releases his single, Too Much Of A Good Thing, from his album, What I Do. Jackson:

 You hear that too much of a good thing can be bad for you sometimes – but I think when it comes to love, it can’t be ever be too much.

Alan Jackson - Too Much Of A Good Thing

19 Nov, 2003

Remember When

Jackson releases his single, Remember When, from his album, Greatest Hits Volume II. The song is an autobiography of Jackson’s early adult life, his rise to fame and the effect of his notoriety on his family.

Alan Jackson - Remember When

Jun 2003

It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere

Single Release

Jackson releases his single, It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere, featuring Jimmy Buffet, from his album, Greatest Hits Volume II. Jackson:

The ‘What would Jimmy Buffett do?’ line in the bridge was there from the beginning. It was me being sarcastic, poking a little fun at the ‘What would Jesus do?’ bumper stickers. It happened to be exactly the right thing for that situation. That was the way they brought Buffett into the song, it turned out to be the thing to make the song work for that situation.

Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett - It's Five O' Clock Somewhere

23 Feb, 2003

Wins Grammy


Jackson wins the Grammy for Best Country Song for Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning).

15 Nov, 1994

Gone Country

Jackson releases his single, Gone Country, from his album, Who I Am. Jackson:

When I first heard this song I fell in love with it. I wish that I’d written it, ’cause it says a lot of things that I’d like to say. I think it’s just a fun song actually, celebrating how country music has become more widespread and accepted by all types of people all over the country.

Alan Jackson - Gone Country

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