Alan JacksonSingle Release

It’s Just That Way

4 Jan, 2010

Jackson releases his single, It’s Just That Way, from his album, Freight Train. Jackson’s daughter, Mattie, wrote the script for the song’s music video. Jackson:

We’re always looking at ideas for videos and I’ve shot about 50 of them, literally 50-something, and you kind of run out of ideas. We had some ideas thrown from directors but nothing knocked me down. And I told all my girls one day – they were all sitting there – I said, ‘Why don’t y’all come up with an idea for this thing? You’re all pretty musical and creative.’ She called me one day from college and said, ‘I’ve got this idea,’ and was telling me about it. And I said, ‘Put it down on something.’ She printed it out… and I showed it to my manager and the record label liked it and everybody wanted to do it, so I got the director to do it. And bam! There it was.

Alan Jackson – It's Just That Way

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