Alessia CaraSingle Release


29 Apr, 2015

Cara releases her first single Here. The song is featured on her album Know-It-All.

Here is about a party I went to, two years ago, and I hated it. I felt so uncomfortable because it was just awkward, and it was just not my kind of scene at all. So I just made a rant song about it, and it turned into this huge thing that people are relating to. Which is amazing, because I never thought people would relate to that because it’s so specific to my life. But, people really resonated with it, and it’s an anti-party, but not really anti because I don’t really want to say anti-party … I’m not anti-party. But it’s the opposite perspective of what you would hear on the radio of a party song. Usually when you think of party song you think positive, let’s have fun, but it’s the complete opposite.

Alessia Cara - Here (Lyric Video)

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