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20 Nov, 2015

Stitches performance

Music Performance

Cara performs a cover of Shawn Mendes’ song Stitches on On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

I love this song and Shawn Mendes was the first person to ever to shout me out on social media before I was ever sign, before my song (Here) came out he posted my cover (of his song) and we’ve been friends ever since.

Alessia Cara Covers Shawn Mendes "Stitches" (Acoustic) | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

13 Nov, 2015


Album Release

Know-It-AllCara releases her first studio album Know-It-All. The album features songs Here, I’m Yours and Wild Things. The album is a collaboration between Cara and executive producers Robert Eleazer and Tony Perez.

A lot of the album was done like two years ago, so it’s been a long process for me. It seems like it’s been a long process to get it all together, and to figure out where I wanted it to go, and a lot of it was done before I was even signed, so I was in school. I was 17 when we started it, and it ended up, over time, turning into this album about youth and teenage life. It’s about my teenage life, but I think it’s general enough it could be about anything. I really wanted to make it general so that other people can understand and relate to it. I think it’s just the story of what a teenager’s life is like, and with that comes themes of rebellions, confusion, and vulnerability, and I think that that comes through in in all of the songs.

27 Oct, 2015

Wild Things

Single Release

Cara releases her single Wild Things. The single is featured on her debut studio album Know-It-All.

Wild Things is an anthem. It’s written like an anthem, the production is very anthem-like, and the lyrics are very anthem-like, and I wanted it to be like that. I wanted it to be something that people could really sing along to and believe in, because it’s such an important message, and it’s really about accepting yourself. Whether you’re young, or old, or whatever your circumstances are. Oftentimes, people constantly tell us that we are not good enough for that, and we’re not going to do anything with ourselves. And that’s not true obviously, and this is a song about saying, I don’t care what you say, and I don’t care what you do to try to stop me from being happy. I’m going to be happy, and we’re gonna just do whatever we want.

Alessia Cara - Wild Things (Official Audio)

27 Aug, 2015

I’m Yours

Single Release

Cara releases her single I’m Yours. This track is featured on her EP Four Pink Walls and her debut album Know-It-All.

I’m Yours is a humorous/sassy/layered song. And it’s about being reluctant to fall for somebody, because you’re so happy with yourself initially, and things are fine, and then somebody comes along, and they’re so perfect, and you just hate it. You hate everything about them, and they gross you out even though they’re so nice, and they’re perfect, but you hate them. You realize as the song goes on that the reason why you’re like this, and the reason why you feel like this, is because you’ve been hurt before, and you don’t even want to bother letting anyone else in. But then because this person is so nice to you, you finally at the (end), are like, Fine, I’ll let them in.

Alessia Cara - I’m Yours (Official Audio)

29 Apr, 2015


Single Release

Cara releases her first single Here. The song is featured on her album Know-It-All.

Here is about a party I went to, two years ago, and I hated it. I felt so uncomfortable because it was just awkward, and it was just not my kind of scene at all. So I just made a rant song about it, and it turned into this huge thing that people are relating to. Which is amazing, because I never thought people would relate to that because it’s so specific to my life. But, people really resonated with it, and it’s an anti-party, but not really anti because I don’t really want to say anti-party … I’m not anti-party. But it’s the opposite perspective of what you would hear on the radio of a party song. Usually when you think of party song you think positive, let’s have fun, but it’s the complete opposite.

Alessia Cara - Here (Lyric Video)

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