Alessia CaraSingle Release

I’m Yours

27 Aug, 2015

Cara releases her single I’m Yours. This track is featured on her EP Four Pink Walls and her debut album Know-It-All.

I’m Yours is a humorous/sassy/layered song. And it’s about being reluctant to fall for somebody, because you’re so happy with yourself initially, and things are fine, and then somebody comes along, and they’re so perfect, and you just hate it. You hate everything about them, and they gross you out even though they’re so nice, and they’re perfect, but you hate them. You realize as the song goes on that the reason why you’re like this, and the reason why you feel like this, is because you’ve been hurt before, and you don’t even want to bother letting anyone else in. But then because this person is so nice to you, you finally at the (end), are like, Fine, I’ll let them in.

Alessia Cara - I’m Yours (Official Audio)

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