Alessia CaraSingle Release

Wild Things

27 Oct, 2015

Cara releases her single Wild Things. The single is featured on her debut studio album Know-It-All.

Wild Things¬†is an anthem. It’s written like an anthem, the production is very anthem-like, and the lyrics are very anthem-like, and I wanted it to be like that. I wanted it to be something that people could really sing along to and believe in, because it’s such an important message, and it’s really about accepting yourself. Whether you’re young, or old, or whatever your circumstances are. Oftentimes, people constantly tell us that we are not good enough for that, and we’re not going to do anything with ourselves. And that’s not true obviously, and this is a song about saying, I don’t care what you say, and I don’t care what you do to try to stop me from being happy. I’m going to be happy, and we’re gonna just do whatever we want.

Alessia Cara - Wild Things (Official Audio)

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