Alessia CaraAlbum Release


13 Nov, 2015

Know-It-AllCara releases her first studio album Know-It-All. The album features songs Here, I’m Yours and Wild Things. The album is a collaboration between Cara and executive producers Robert Eleazer and Tony Perez.

A lot of the album was done like two years ago, so it’s been a long process for me. It seems like it’s been a long process to get it all together, and to figure out where I wanted it to go, and a lot of it was done before I was even signed, so I was in school. I was 17 when we started it, and it ended up, over time, turning into this album about youth and teenage life. It’s about my teenage life, but I think it’s general enough it could be about anything. I really wanted to make it general so that other people can understand and relate to it. I think it’s just the story of what a teenager’s life is like, and with that comes themes of rebellions, confusion, and vulnerability, and I think that that comes through in in all of the songs.

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