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4 May, 2018

Live at Festival No. 6

The limited edition Live At Festival No.6 album is released, as part of certain initial pre-order bundles from the band’s webstore. The album, recorded in Summer 2017 at Festival No. 6 at Portmeirion Town Hall, comprises a six-song set of stripped down songs accompanied by strings arranged and conducted by Festival No.6 composer-in-residence Joe Duddell.

Build A Tower

The band release their third studio album, Build a Tower. The album is released on Modern Sky Records and was recorded and produced by Phil Bullyment at Edwin Street Recording Studios in Bury. The album is released in multiple formats including limited-edition red and yellow vinyl, and cassette tape.

We’re really proud of the record as we’ve learned a lot since our last, self-released, album. Build A Tower feels like a big step up. Even though fans have heard a couple of the tracks played on the last tour, there’s a lot we’ve been holding back until they had the album in their hands, so we’re also looking forward to getting out and playing live. We’re excited to see what people make of our new music.

4 Dec, 2015

Blue Neighbourhood

Blue NeighbourhoodSivan releases his debut album Blue Neighbourhood. The album is a collaboration between Sivan and artists including Betty Who, Broods and Jack Antonoff.

It was just about keeping it honest and not really holding anything back. Really it’s just things that I thought, things I’ve written about life, things that I’ve thought about doing and not doing. Making it authentic is really important.

13 Nov, 2015


Know-It-AllCara releases her first studio album Know-It-All. The album features songs Here, I’m Yours and Wild Things. The album is a collaboration between Cara and executive producers Robert Eleazer and Tony Perez.

A lot of the album was done like two years ago, so it’s been a long process for me. It seems like it’s been a long process to get it all together, and to figure out where I wanted it to go, and a lot of it was done before I was even signed, so I was in school. I was 17 when we started it, and it ended up, over time, turning into this album about youth and teenage life. It’s about my teenage life, but I think it’s general enough it could be about anything. I really wanted to make it general so that other people can understand and relate to it. I think it’s just the story of what a teenager’s life is like, and with that comes themes of rebellions, confusion, and vulnerability, and I think that that comes through in in all of the songs.

16 Oct, 2015

Confident album

ConfidentLovato release her album Confident, her fifth studio album. The album is a collaboration between Lovato and producers Mitch Allan, Babydaddy, Johan Carlsson, Peter Carlsson, Jason Evian, Carl Falk, Ilya, Steve Mac, Max Martin, Ali Payami, Laleh Pourkarim, Rami, Stargate and Gustaf Thorn.

I have never been confident enough in my own skin to feel sexy. Now that I’m feeling great and I feel confident, I’m proud of the skin that I’m in. I’m wanting to share that with the world and showing everyone how you can go from being very insecure with body image issues to feeling so proud of your body that you want to show it to the world.



9 Oct, 2015


RevivalGomez releases her album Revival, her second solo record and features singles Same Old Love and Good For You. The album is a collaboration with executive producers Danny D and Tim Blacksmith.

I think after four albums, I finally feel a little more like myself than I ever have. I have this confidence and I have a better understanding of what I’m talking about. This is now a point in my life where I have experienced friendships or relationships or travel or exploring, it’s really fun.

25 Sep, 2015

Every Open Eye

Every Open Eye

Chvrches release Every Open Eye, their second studio album, which is self-produced. The album’s title comes from the lyrics of the third single off of the album, Clearest Blue. Cook:

People don’t make albums any more. They make 11, 12 songs, and they put them out as an album but they feel like a greatest hits, or a playlist. I think I said that in reference to some contemporary pop albums that just sound like one radio hit after another. There’s no real ebb and flow, no sense of progression or telling a story, no exploration of multiple facets of an artist’s sound, just one attempt after another to deliver the hit. An album, in my opinion (and maybe this is an unfashionably traditional viewpoint), should have more breathing space, not be afraid to throw in some harder, darker, slower, longer pieces and explore a bit.

13 Apr, 2015


The band releases their second album, Cavalcade. The album is produced by Phil Bulleyment.

Its dynamically a bit more sophisticated, the individual instruments have a bit more room to breathe. This is partly due to us getting better as musicians but our producer Phil Bulleyment played a major role in shaping the sound of this record. Fundamentally though it’s popular because the songs mean something to people, it’s been fantastic to hear people singing along at gigs and it’s amazing to share that connection with people.

11 Mar, 2015

Announces Drones and tour


Muse announces an upcoming tour as well as the release of thier seventh studio album, Drones. A new track, Psycho, will be released on YouTube on Thursday, followed by the release of the album’s first single Dead Inside on March 23. The tour consists of a series of live shows across Britain, Europe, and Russia. Bellamy:

To me, ‘Drones’ are metaphorical psychopaths which enable psychopathic behaviour with no recourse. The world is run by Drones utilising Drones to turn us all into Drones. This album explores the journey of a human, from their abandonment and loss of hope, to their indoctrination by the system to be a human drone, to their eventual defection from their oppressors.

27 Oct, 2014

Album release date

Minaj announces that the release date for The Pinkprint album has been pushed back. Originally set to be released on November 24, the album is now set to be released on December 15th.


7 Oct, 2014

Play Ball preview


The band previews Play Ball, from their new album, Rock or Bust, which is scheduled to be released on Dec 2, 2014. This is the first album from the band that will not include Malcolm Young. Stevie Young, Malcolm’s cousin, fills in for him due to his battle with dementia. Johnson:

Stevie, Malcolm’s nephew, was magnificent, but when you’re recording with this thing hanging over you and your work mate isn’t well, it’s difficult. But I’m sure [Malcolm] was rooting for us.

15 Aug, 2014


TRXYESivan releases TRXYE. The EP features his single Happy Little Pill as well as four additional songs, and is a collaboration with producers Tat Tong, SLUMS, and Alex JL Hiew.

For me, I’ve seen around a lot on the internet people censoring swear words with an ‘x’ or an asterisk. It was just an interesting concept to me. I felt the words looked really, really cool as well. It was visually striking.

24 Jul, 2014

Anaconda cover release

b1Minaj releases the cover art for her single Anaconda which samples Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back. The cover art features minaj wearing only a G-string, halter top and sneakers.

He (the photographer) was thinking that it may be too over the top, and I said, “Well you know, in the beginning of my career, I did pictures like that, I did photo shoots like that,” and I didn’t want to lose that sense of who I am. I feel like one of the people I look up to the most was Madonna, and she’s never stopped pushing the envelope. She’s never stopped taking risks, and I don’t ever want to stop doing that either.

18 Jul, 2014

Reveals album date, name


The group announces their new album titled 747 will be released on Sept. 30. The single Bartender can be found on the album:

 We unanimously knew that our album title had to be 747. The track itself has this pushing, driving spirit about it that sums up our attitude right now. We are pushing ourselves as a band and as songwriters … taking ourselves out of our comfort zone and not taking ourselves too seriously. There’s an urgency and an energy to it that we’ve never released before.

We are so ready to get this music out. To get the reaction we’ve gotten from Bartender has only made us more fired up about the rest of these songs!



10 Jul, 2014

Confirms new album


The artist partners with Sony Music’s RCA Records to distribute his new material and help with radio promotion. The album, as yet untitled, will be out  around Black Friday. He says that the type  of content he is known for, western fare like Rodeo and Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old), will be well-represented.

If you had to put it in a box for me, it’d be Garth Music. You’re damn straight we’ll do cowboys songs on this album.

8 Jul, 2014

New sound next album


Underwood says her next album will represent a “new version” of herself as she changes the sound of her music.

It’s just a progression, a different sound without losing myself in it. I’m not taking some crazy musical departure from what I’ve done, but it definitely feels different. … It will feel different, look different, sound different.

Underwood does not say when the news songs she is working on will be released.

13 May, 2014


aEpic Records and MJJ Music releases the second posthumous album Xscape by Jackson. Singles include Love Never Felt So Good, and A Place With No Name. Timbaland, executive producer:

This was very trying, not because it was just a Michael Jackson… kept hearing his voice, it was like, I’m doing Michael Jackson. It got emotional. I had to tell my engineer to stop — we gotta go to something else. It took about a week process to really grasp what I’m doing. And once I grasped what I’m doing, I had to call my mom for prayer like, I need some help, I need some guidance on this, ’cause this is hard

27 Sep, 2013

Days Are Gone

Music Video

The group releases their debut record, Days Are Gone. The record features 11 tracks that include the singles Forever and The Wire. The album is a collaboration between the band and producers James Ford, Ludwig Göransson and Ariel Rechtshaid.

Danielle Haim:

I think each song has its own story. I don’t think there was an overarching feeling for the record. I think the overarching theme was to make it sound like a band. But the feeling really does go from song to song.

22 Oct, 2012


Taylor_Swift_-_RedSwift releases her fourth studio album Red. The 16 track album features song collaborations with Gary Lightbody on The Last Time and with Ed Sheeran on Everything Has Changed. Swift’s new album also features her singles We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and 22.

When I went in to make this record, I recorded the songs over a two-year period. Every time I would come up with a new song that sounded different or unique or new, compared to what I had to done before, I knew we were getting closer. What I wanted was an album that explored the edges and broke new ground. One of my big fears is people saying my songs are all starting to sound the same.

12 Oct, 2012


Music Video

Haim releases their debut single, Forever. The single is a collaboration of all band members and producer Ludwig Göransson.

Danielle Haim:

When you’re younger and you meet your first love you kind of see it as always being there and then realizing that is probably not going to be the one.

Album cover release

b9Minaj releases the album cover for her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up. 

It’s a different feel, so I knew I had to put it on a separate disc the new songs, but it wasn’t an entire new thought and new body of work. Because I like to give a lot of music and so that’s why I didn’t want to do a whole new project. Because then I would feel like it would be judged as a brand new thing and then I would need to add way more songs.

2 Jul, 2012

Forever EP

Music Video

Haim releases their first EP under the Ployder Records label.The EP is a collaboration between all members of the band. The release features three tracks including the single, Forever. Este and Alana :

We only recorded that Forever EP (in July 2012) to try and get a residency in LA. That was the goal. And we didn’t even get the residency!

21 May, 2012

The Slow Readers Club

The band releases their debut album, The Slow Readers Club. The album, produced by Kipper, includes many songs from the Omerta period. Aaron Starkie:

Recording the album was pretty intense, long days from about 10am to 10pm, could fry your brain sometimes but it was worth it. We had done a lot of work in preparation before we went in, we had already demoed all the tracks and had most of the synth parts and strings and stuff pre recorded. Working with Kipper was brilliant he taught us a lot about building the sound and creating texture. Kurt recorded about ten guitar tracks on some songs, we wouldn’t always use them all but it gave us lots to work with.

10 Dec, 2010


aEpic Records and Sony Entertainment release the first posthumous complication album of unreleased tracks by Jackson titled Michael. Hit singles include Hold My Hand, Hollywood Tonight, Behind The Mask, and (I Like) The Way You Love Me. Brian Oxman, a lawyer for Joe Jackson states:

If Michael had wanted this music released he would have done so before his death. The songs which are being released on the new Michael Jackson album were unfinished and incomplete tracks that Michael said over and over many times he never wanted released. We should honor Michael Jackson’s wishes.

22 Nov, 2010

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

West releases his fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album incorporates many different types of musical components, including electro, soul, and symphonic. A large number and variety of artists and producers participated in the album’s recording sessions, including Jay-Z, Rihanna, Eminem, John Legend, and Elton John. West:

People with that intangible sound, the people that everybody copy. You know, the originators. That’s what my thing is, it’s quality. What is the best of the best.

Pink Friday

nicki-minaj-pink-friday-high-resolutionMinaj releases her debut album Pink Friday. The album includes collaborations with Drake, Eminem, Kanye West, Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield and 

Roman is a weird little alter ego who is very flamboyant and doesn’t give a damn. You know when I’m doing really weird voices, growling, being real crazy, and talking like Anna Nicole Smith? That’s Roman.

25 Oct, 2010

Speak Now

Taylor_Swift_-_Speak_Now_coverSwift releases her third studio album Speak Now. The record features 14 tracks including her singles Mine, The Story Of Us and Back To December. Swift wrote the entire album by herself and had producing assistance from Nathan Chapman.

Every single song is like a road map to what that relationship stood for, with little markers that maybe everyone won’t know, but there are things that were little nuances of the relationship, little hints. And every single song is like that.

24 Nov, 2008

Releases 808s & Heartbreak

West releases his fourth studio album, 808s & Heartbreak. An electropop and R&B album, 808s & Heartbreak sounds nothing like his previous works. The album, which West describes as “minimal but functional”, is primarily sung rather than rapped and contains extensive use of the Auto-Tune voice processor. The album features themes of love, loneliness, and heartache.

It’s a little bit of autotune and a whole lot of f*cked up life. This album was therapeutic- its lonely at the top.

11 Nov, 2008


Taylor_Swift_-_FearlessSwift releases her second studio album Fearless. The 13 track album is co-written by Swift and collaborators Liz Rose, Hillar Lindsey, Colbie Caillat and John Rich. Singles Love Story, Fifteen and Fearless are all featured songs on the record.

On this album, I deal with a lot of fairy tale themes. Sometimes they turn out good, sometimes they turn out bad. Love Story was a really happy ending — you put everything you have into love and it works out. Then in the song White Horse, you put everything you have into love and you get your heart broken. It blew my mind that such a personal song was the one people were talking the most about, because I always felt like the more personal my songs were, the more I could just relate to them. But, really, more people have been able to relate to those songs — the ones that I wrote when I was really going through something terrible.

24 Oct, 2006

Taylor Swift

i345907883_65341_6Swift releases her first studio album self-titled Taylor Swift. The 15 track record features singles Teardrops on My Guitar and Our Song. The album also features collaborations with writer Liz Rose for each of the album’s tracks.

I love writing with Liz. When we write, I usually come in with a melody and some lyric content, and then we’ll work on creating the rest of the song. She’s a really good song editor.

30 Oct, 2001


aJackson releases his 10th album Invincible with co-producer, Jerkins. Hit singles include You Rock My World, Speechless, Butterflies, Cry, and Heaven Can Wait. Jerkins:

He was super vocal. He was so hands on. I’m talking about from the high hat to everything. The sound quality was so important to him. He looked at everything under a microscope, like, “The middle frequency is too much”–he was very technical. He use to always say, “Melody is king” so he really focused in on melody.

7 Jul, 2001


aaliyah albumAaliyah links up with A-list producers to create a futuristic style album. The self-titled Aaliyah is her third album and reaches number 2 on the Billboard album chart. Aaliyah:

The songs on this album talks about relationships in every aspect.


Are You That Somebody?

Aaliyah releases Are You That Somebody, a song for the movie, Dr. Doolittle.  The track establishes Aaliyah and she quickly enters superstar status. The song goes to number one on the R&B charts and earns Aaliyah her first Grammy Award nomination. Static Major:

When I first presented the song to Aaliyah, she initially showed disdain for it. However, she eventually agreed to record it.

20 May, 1997

Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix

aJackson releases Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory In The Mix, which is a remix, with Epic Records and MJJ Productions (Jackson’s own label). This is the second album released by his own label. Hit singles include Blood On The Dance Floor, HIStory/Ghosts, and It Is Scary.

Nov 1996

Razorblade Suitcase

Razorblade_suitcaseBush’s second album Razorblade Suitcase is released. Singles include Swallowed, Greedy Fly, Personal Holloway, and Mouth. Rossdale:

I didn’t want to make a moaning second record about how awful my life is. But I’m naturally drawn to sad songs because I like drama presented musically.



Sixteen Stone

Bush releases their debut album titled Sixteen Stone. The album peaks at number forty on the Billboard 200 and includes numerous successful singles such as Comedown, Machinehead and Glycerine. Rossdale:

We recorded our first CD, Sixteen Stone, with a small budget and never dreamed that we would enjoy such a high success. It was simply fantastic.


Chillin’ Like a Smut Villain

Chillin' Like a Smut Villain coverChillin’ Like a Smut Villain2 Too Many’s one and only record is released. The record is produced by Hula and Fingers, the production duo behind Will Smith’s Summertime. Two singles are released from the album: Where’s the Party? and My Imagination.

26 Nov, 1991


aJackson releases Dangerous,  it is his eighth album. Hit singles are Black Or White, Remember The Time, In The Closet, Jam, Who Is It, Heal The World, Give It To Me, Will You Be There, and Gone Too Soon.

31 Aug, 1987


aJackson releases Bad, his seventh album, five years after the release of Thriller. Co-producer is Jones. Hit singles are Just Can’t Stop Loving You,  Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror, Dirty Diana, Another Part Of Me, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, Liberian Girl.

I feel rejuvenated…it is like I’m happy, I’m done.

30 Nov, 1982


aJackson releases his sixth album Thriller with Epic Records and Co-producer Jones. Hit singles include, The Girl Is Mine, Billie Jean, Beat It, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Human Nature, P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing), and Thriller. Jones:

He was always up for trying new things. I remember Michael sang through these long cardboard tubes to get a particular sound — that’s something Michael came up with, I believe.

10 Aug, 1979

Off The Wall

aJackson releases Off The Wall with Epic Records. Hit singles include, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, Rock With You, Off The Wall, She’s Out Of My Life, and Girlfriend.

I’m most comfortable on stage than any place in the world.

16 Jan, 1975

Forever, Michael

aJackson releases his fourth album with Motown records, Forever, Michael. Hit singles include, We’re Almost There, Just A Little Bit Of You, and One Day In Your Life.

13 Apr, 1973

Music & Me

aJackson releases his third album Music & Me. Hit singles include, With A Child’s Heart, Happy, Music & Me, and Morning Glow.

Oct 1972


genesis-foxtrot-front-1972The band release their fourth studio album, Foxtrot, with the same lineup as Nursery Cryme. The album includes Watcher of The Skies, Get ‘Em Out By Friday, TimeTable, Horizons and the 23-minute long Supper’s Ready, the band’s longest track. Gabriel sings all songs except Horizons, which is an instrumental piece for guitar, written and performed by Hackett. The album is produced by the band with Dave Hitchcock as co-producer, and John Burns as engineer. The sleeve is once again designed by Anthony Whitehead.