Demi LovatoAlbum Release

Confident album

16 Oct, 2015

ConfidentLovato release her album Confident, her fifth studio album. The album is a collaboration between Lovato and producers Mitch Allan, Babydaddy, Johan Carlsson, Peter Carlsson, Jason Evian, Carl Falk, Ilya, Steve Mac, Max Martin, Ali Payami, Laleh Pourkarim, Rami, Stargate and Gustaf Thorn.

I have never been confident enough in my own skin to feel sexy. Now that I’m feeling great and I feel confident, I’m proud of the skin that I’m in. I’m wanting to share that with the world and showing everyone how you can go from being very insecure with body image issues to feeling so proud of your body that you want to show it to the world.



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