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19 Sep, 2011

The Playboy Club


Heard plays Maureen, a Playboy Bunny cocktail server at the Playboy Club, in this NBC drama from creator Chad Hodge. Maureen is the newest hire at the club and the most mysterious. Co-starring Eddie Cibrian and Laura Benanti.

Maureen has got a lot of secrets. She’s got a lot of skeletons in her closet. She’s running from something, at the same time she’s trying to find something. She has big things in her future, and a very, very dark past. Maureen, in her young life, has lived and been through enough, and survived enough, to have lived four lifetimes over. She’s an incredibly complex character, and one that’s going to surprise us, at every turn.

The Playboy Club TV Show Promo TV Show Trailer

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