Amber Heard


2 Oct, 2009

In a cameo, Heard plays the neighbor in unit 406 in this horror comedy directed by Ruben Fleischer. 406 becomes a zombie and unsuccessfully attacks neighbor Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg). Co-starring Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin.

I knew it would be good when I read the script, however, I only had a couple of days. The director called me and said, look can we make this cameo for you? Can we make it work? And I said, I only have two days. He said we’ll make it work then. And I had a great time doing it and I’m glad I got to be a disgusting zombie because I’m so….you can only be the pretty girl so much, you know?

Zombieland (3/8) Movie CLIP - The Zombie Next Door (2009) HD

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