Angelina JolieFilm Appearance

The Good Shepherd

23 Feb, 2007

In this thriller, directed by Robert De Niro, Jolie plays Clover Russell. In 1939, Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) is a young man with a bright future ahead of him. His life changes dramatically when he’s invited to join Skull and Bones. Through his Skull and Bones connections, Wilson meets Sam Murach (Alec Baldwin), a mysterious FBI agent who asks Wilson to investigate charges that Fredericks is a Nazi sympathizer working with the German government. Later, at a Skull and Bones party, Wilson is introduced to Clover Russell, the sister of one of his classmates and the daughter of a powerful politician; their one-night stand leaves Clover pregnant, and Wilson must leave the woman he loves, Laura (Tammy Blanchard), to wed Clover and give their child a name.

Actually that is the one thing that kept me grounded to her and connected to her, because there was so much about her I didn’t identify with. But her love and her commitment to her son and certainly, having lost her own family to this world of the CIA and now her husband… And the fear that her son would get involved in this kind of dangerous, silent world and that becoming a reality, and how that would feel. So, yeah, in particular fighting for him – it was very personal.”

The Good Shepherd Trailer (2006)

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